Friday, July 17, 2020

2020.07.17 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 6:46–49

Questions from the Scripture text: What does Jesus say they call Him in Luke 6:46a? With what is their calling Him this inconsistent (verse 46b)? What kind of person does Jesus say, in Luke 6:47, that He is about to illustrate? What does the man in the illustration do (Luke 6:48a)? What happens to him—and what does not happen to him—and why (verse 48b)? How does Jesus summarize the unbeliever in Luke 6:49a? What is Jesus’s illustration for him (verse 49b)? And what is Jesus’s illustration for what will happen to him (verse 49c)?
Are we justified by faith apart from works? That’s a very carefully worded question, and it may surprise you that the answer is “no.”

We are justified only by what Jesus has done in the finished work of His life, death, and resurrection. But this justification never happens in someone who does not proceed to love, learn from, and obey the Lord Jesus. No one ever receives half a Christ. The same Jesus who justifies always sanctifies and glorifies.

Still, the problem of people calling Jesus “Lord” but not obeying Him as Master (which “Lord” means), is an old one. Here, we see that it was already happening early in His earthly ministry.

Absolutely, Jesus is a rock, a foundation, that whoever is built upon Him is saved from destruction. But building upon Him is more than an idea or a feeling. It’s a reality that expresses itself not just in “coming” to Him (Luke 6:47a), but also in “hearing His sayings” and “doing them.” It seems pretty obvious that if you don’t trust Him enough to trust what He says and obey Him, that your “trust” is more fantasy than reality.

But, praise God, Jesus is real. And He really gives faith to people that they may come to Him. And hear His sayings. And do them. If this is how Jesus describes the ones that He is saving from destruction, then let us pray God the Spirit that this would be how we may honestly be described.
What parts of your life most need to be brought into line with what Jesus says for you to do?
Suggested songs: ARP1 “How Blessed the Man” or TPH174 “The Ten Commandments”

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