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2020.09.08 Hopewell @Home ▫ Psalm 87

 Read Psalm 87

Questions from the Scripture text: Where is the foundation of Yahweh’s city (Psalm 87:1)? Whose gates does He love the most (Psalm 87:2)? What kinds of things have been spoken of His city (Psalm 87:3)? From what nations will there be people who know the Lord (Psalm 87:4)? Where will it be said that this one and that one were born (Psalm 87:5)? Who will establish Zion? What will the Lord record about those who know Him from among the peoples (Psalm 87:6)? What do the priestly musicians say (Psalm 87:7)? 

Next week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Confession of Sin come from Psalm 87 in order that we will see that we are singing God’s thoughts after Him with Glorious Things of The Are Spoken.

Here, we see the devotion of God to His covenant people. He loves the gates of His city—that which defines the going out and coming in, that which sets the boundaries, and that which is identified with all His people gathering for public worship. It is especially in public worship—and Psalm 87:2 says this specifically over/against in our homes—that God’s delight in His people is expressly displayed. 

It is evident that He takes pleasure in pointing to the new birth of each believer from every nation. Like a father, proudly certifying the birth of His precious child, the Lord is seen (or, better, heard) here, announcing the registration of each one whose name is written in the book of life.

Looking at the list of nations that He singles out in Psalm 87:4, it is evident that there is a particular focus upon the salvation of those from the “toughest” countries. Is anything too hard for God? He loves to give a great salvation. What an encouragement this is to us sinners, that we have a Redeemer who specializes in the hardest cases.

And what the Lord loves to celebrate, His people love to celebrate. This is not merely a private reflection for us to savor by ourselves. When the priestly musicians are enlisted to mimic the statements of God in Psalm 87:7, we see that this is a subject of praise for the public worship of the people of God.

Isn’t this the true response to God’s election? God’s choice? God’s effectual calling that gives us the new birth? To praise Him who has done it! (not to argue over whether we think it was fair of Him to save us—of course it wasn’t; it was mercy!).

In particular, let’s give our attention again to the first two lines. Who is the foundation of the city of God? Who is the gate by which alone one may enter Zion? Of course, it is Christ! And this is the answer to why the Lord is so enthusiastic about His church—because it is the church of His Son!!

How does your love for the church imitate God’s? Do you love it for the same reason? 

Do you love the display of the truth of sovereign grace?

Suggested songs: ARP87 “The Lord’s Foundation” or TPH87A “Zion, Founded on the Mountains”

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