Friday, September 18, 2020

2020.09.18 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 8:19–21

 Read Luke 8:19–21

Questions from the Scripture text: Who came in Luke 8:19? What couldn’t they do? Why? Where did some tell Him that they were (Luke 8:20)? What did some tell Him that they wanted? How, instead, does He identify His mother and brothers—what do they hear, and what do they do (Luke 8:21)?

The tension that this passage produces has a wonderful resolution. Mary the mother of Jesus, and His brothers, are among the believers in the fledgling church in Acts 1:14; and, two New Testament books (James and Jude) are written by men who are standing outside the door in Luke 8:19–21.

What this passage makes clear is that it was the work of God’s grace in their hearts that truly brought them near to the Man who had grown up in a house with them. As things stand in Luke 8, Jesus identifies those who are hearing His Word in the way that Luke 8:14-18 commend are His true mother and brothers.

This means something wonderful about the relationship that the Lord Jesus brings us into by His Word. The people inside with Him thought that the people standing outside were Jesus’s close kin. What a great honor the Lord declared, when He notified them that they were nearer kin!

And this honor is more than just a title. Perhaps Jesus shared facial features or mannerisms with Mary and the others outside. But the distinguishing feature of Christ was His love for, submission to, and living perfectly according to God’s Word. It is family resemblance to Him that His Spirit produces by means of His Word.

Theology and obedience have fallen upon hard times in the churches. But, if we see that “hearing God’s Word and doing it” is a family privilege bestowed upon us in Jesus and with Jesus, then love for Him will help us come to value theology and obedience as He does.

How does being Christ’s family and displaying Christ’s likeness motivate you? What difference will it make for you now, in how you pursue theology and obedience in your life?

Suggested songs: ARP95B “Today, If You Will Hear His Voice” or TPH119V “Lord, Let My Cry before You Come”

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