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2020.11.13 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 9:46–56

Read Luke 9:46–56

Questions from the Scripture text: About what did a dispute arise (Luke 9:46)? Whom does Jesus set before them (Luke 9:47)?  Whom do they receive if they receive a child in His Name (Luke 9:48)? Who will be great? Who answered in Luke 9:49? What did he see? And do? Why? What does Jesus say to do (Luke 9:50)? Why not? What time had now come in Luke 9:51a? What did Jesus now do (verse 51b)? Who would not now receive Him and why (Luke 9:52-53)? Now what did James and John want to do (Luke 9:54)? Who rebukes them (Luke 9:55)? Why (Luke 9:56)?

The question of whether or not we are receiving Jesus can appear in surprising places in our lives.

Whether we are receiving Christ appears in rivalry among believers (Luke 9:46). Competing to be the greatest betrays that we haven’t quite received how far above all of us is Christ and His greatness.

Whether we are receiving Christ appears in how we treat His children (Luke 9:48). If they are His, then receiving or not receiving them is really a receiving or not receiving Him. 

Whether we are receiving Christ appears in our willingness to acknowledge believers other than the ones who follow with us(Luke 9:49). This is not to say that right doctrine and practice are not important. That kind of “he who is not with us” is against Christ (cf. Luke 11:23). 

Whether we are receiving Christ appears in our willingness for Him to save others, and for us possibly to suffer with Him (Luke 9:53). The Samaritans didn’t get along with the Jews, and it’s possible that they also didn’t want any part of the trouble that Jesus was about to get into.

Whether we are receiving Christ appears in our patience under hatred. James and John didn’t have this patience (Luke 9:54), but this gave them a very different attitude than Christ (Luke 9:55). 

Jesus steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51), because He came not to destroy but to save (Luke 9:56). He will, most certainly, sit enthroned as Judge one day and carry out His wrath and vengeance upon them. But this is not why He came. He came to save. He came to receive by His death and resurrection those who receive Him by faith.

Toward whom ought you to be more receptive, as someone who is receiving Christ? 

Suggested songs: ARP72A “God, Give Your Judgments to the King” or TPH405 “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord”

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