Friday, December 11, 2020

Serving and Needing the Lord Jesus (Family Worship in Luke 10:38–42)

What can we learn from Martha here? Pastor leads his family in tomorrow’s “Hopewell @Home” passage. In these five verses, we learn that by God’s grace, when others refused Christ, Martha welcomed Him—may we too serve Christ and be identified with Him when it becomes unpopular and costly! But, she came to be focused upon the “muchness” of her serving, which distracted her from the Christ Whom she had welcomed. Mary knew that she needed Him, and Martha showed her own need of Him by being worried and troubled about many things. We, too, need Him and can recognize when we are focused upon the muchness of our own service by when we are distracted from Jesus and His words, when we are irritated with others for not serving as much as we do, and when we are worried and troubled about many things.

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