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Read Ephesians 6:21–22

Questions from the Scripture text: What does the apostle want them to know (Ephesians 6:21)? Whom is he sending for this purpose? What two things does the apostle call him? What (of those things that the apostle wanted them to know) will Tychicus tell them? What two purposes does the apostle state or this sending in Ephesians 6:22? 

The Ephesian church and Paul were precious to one another. He had pastored there for almost three years (Acts 19:1–10), and their tearful goodbye is one of the most moving scenes in the Bible (Acts 20:17–38). He loved them with a similar love to that which he had Titus, about whom his heart was troubled until he knew how things were with him (cf. 2 Corinthians 2:13).

So, Paul loved them as himself and wanted to keep them from the same distress that he had for Titus. And, thank God for His providence in this, because the purpose of sending Tychicus with this glorious letter was that the Ephesians might know how things are with their beloved apostle (Ephesians 6:21). Tychicus would tell them everything so that they would know what’s going on with Paul, and this would comfort their hearts (Ephesians 6:22).

What an amazing letter we have as a result!

I wonder if our affection for one another in Christ is so great that we would be deeply distressed by not knowing how each other are doing. And if we know that God’s eternal plan and current work will be all the more encouraging to one another, so that in our “ordinary” communications we are eager to remind one another of the extraordinary gospel.

Tychicus was such a friend. He was known as a “beloved brother and faithful servant.” He carried not only this letter, but also that to Colossae (Colossians 4:7), from Laodicea (Colossians 4:16, possibly referring to Ephesians), and probably the letter about Onesimus to Philemon (cf. Colossians 4:9). He may even have carried 2 Timothy to Ephesus (cf. 2 Timothy 4:12). 

What a blessing such men are—beloved among the churches, and faithful and reliable for the most needful works of service. Presumably, he too wished to know how the Ephesians were, and wished to alleviate them of any anxiety about how Paul was doing. Such love ought to characterize those who have been reconciled to one another and joined to one another, in Christ Who has reconciled us to God!

How does your love for believers reflect some of the cares/priorities reflected here?

Suggested songs: ARP197 “Christian Unity” or TPH409 “Blest Be the Tie That Binds” 

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