Thursday, January 21, 2021

2021.01.21 Hopewell @Home ▫ Luke 12:1–12

Read Luke 12:1–12

Questions from the Scripture text: How large was the crowd (Luke 12:1)? What is happening? But of which danger does He warn His disciples? What will happen with what they cover or hide (Luke 12:2)? With what they say secretly (Luke 12:3)? What shouldn’t they fear when speaking publicly (Luke 12:4)? Whom alone is worth fearing (Luke 12:5)? About what does He notice and care (Luke 12:6)? Whom does He notice more and about whom care more (Luke 12:7)?  Whom will Christ confess/acknowledge where (Luke 12:8)? Whom will He deny/denounce (Luke 12:9)? Whom will they have, Who will keep them from denying Christ (Luke 12:10)? What shouldn’t they do when under pressure to deny Him (Luke 12:11)? Why not (Luke 12:12)?

The Pharisees (Luke 12:1) thought they could put on a public persona while being something else in secret. Jesus warns that those secrets, and all secrets, will be openly revealed (Luke 12:2-3). Yes, one day there will be no more conspiracy theories—just the revelation of every conspiracy there has ever been, even your most personal ones!

Of course, believers have another reason they might be tempted to hide who they are in public: fear—not only of what others might think, but even legitimate fear for their lives (Luke 12:4). This has been God’s appointed providence to many of His saints across the world and down through the centuries, and we shouldn’t think that we will be exempt.

But there is a holy vaccine against this most viral and virulent fear: the fear of the Lord (Luke 12:5). In a blessed irony, fearing Him by faith in Christ means knowing Him not merely as Judge but as our heavenly Father who notices everything that happens to us and values us immensely (Luke 12:6-7).

Ultimately (literally), what matters is not what Facebook, Twitter, or a hostile government say about you now or do to you now, but what the Son says about you in glory, with the holy angels in the gallery (Luke 12:8-9). 

But the prospect of suffering exerts immense pressure upon us! How will we be able to publicly own our identity with Christ? The Holy Spirit will enable us (Luke 12:11-12). You might speak incorrectly of Christ at some point, but His indwelling and assisting Spirit is the seal and guarantee that you are forgiven (Luke 12:10).

So, take heart, dear Christian. There is a Triune conspiracy to bring you through the temporary troubles of a Christ-hostile world. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are determined that you shall at last be perfectly holy and perfectly happy forever, and that all who resist Christ will be dashed to pieces (cf. Psalm 2). 

Of what are you afraid in the current cultural moment? What can help you? Who will help you?

Suggested songs: ARP2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage” or TPH2B “Why Do Heathen Nations Rage”

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