Thursday, June 24, 2021

Christ's Mind in the Agony of the Cross (2021.06.23 Prayer Meeting lesson in Psalm 22:1–21)

The mind of Christ on the cross is a most precious study, which we have primarily from this Psalm. Here is both the righteousness which stands for us in His greatest act of righteousness, as well as the example that He has set for us in entrusting Himself to Him Who judges justly (cf. 1Pet 2:18–25). In Psalm 22:1–21 we see... The greatest anguish, v1–2. The greatest support, v3–5. The despisings of men, v6–8. The delightings of God, v9–11. The crucial moment, v12–18. The great deliverance: righteousness and resurrection, v19–21.

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