Monday, July 12, 2021

“Of Repentance unto Life” part 5, WCF 15.2.2, Repentant Purposing and Endeavoring: Thought, Will, Action (2021.07.11 Sabbath School)

▫ ALL the commandments. The determining factor is that they are His (cf. Mt 28:20). ▫ The mind shaping the will, and the will driving the actions ▫ The necessity of both ▫ Righteousness is before God, first and foremost ▫ The purposing and endeavoring matters, but the walking has its own significance ▫ Again, ALL the commandments ▫ "as it is written in this book," v21 ▫ "all the abominations"… "that he might perform the words of the law which were written" …, v24 ▫ Turning to Yahweh is all of what you are to do all of what He says[clicking the stream title will take you through to a page at which you can download the audio/pdf]

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