Sunday, July 04, 2021

WCF 15.2.1, pt3, What Real Repentance Looks Like (2021.07.04 Sabbath School Lesson in Jer 31, Joel 2, Amos 5, Psa 119, 2Cor 7)

▫ Restoration and New Covenant section in Jeremiah ▫ Yahweh gives repentance and restoration ▫ This repentance includes both bemoaning self and a view of God's tender and persistent 'affections' and actions ▫ Intensity, sincerity of turning ▫ Character of God and promise of God ▫ Laying hold of His willingness ▫ Not only turning from evil, but turning to good ▫ Turning to good a necessary component of turning to God ▫ Not all sorrow is repentance. ▫ Evidences of godly sorrow include: diligence, re-earning trust/honor, indignation/renewed hatred of sin, vehement desire, zeal. These are the things that vindicate (justify or prove/declare true) the sorrow as godly and repentant.

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