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2021.08.05 Hopewell @Home ▫ 2 Samuel 18:33–19:8

Read 2 Samuel 18:33–19:8

Questions from the Scripture text: What effect does the Cushite’s news have upon the king (2 Samuel 18:33)? Where does he go? What does he do there? And what does he say as he goes? What does he say he wishes had happened? Who is told about this in 2 Samuel 19:1? Who else were mourning (2 Samuel 19:2)? How had victory changed into that? What were the people doing as they returned (2 Samuel 19:3)? Like what sort of people? But what was their king still doing (2 Samuel 19:4)? And saying? With what sort of speech and voice? Who comes to the king in 2 Samuel 19:5? What does Joab say he is doing to his servants? And what had the servants done for whom? In the beginning of 2 Samuel 19:6, how does Joab summarize the king’s actions? What does he say David is not regarding? What does he say would have well-pleased David? What does Joab command the king to do in 2 Samuel 19:7? By whom does Joab now swear? What does he swear will happen? With what effect? What does the king now do in 2 Samuel 19:8? Who hear of it? What do they do? Why are David’s people free to do this (end of verse 8)?

What a gift an honest friend is! The Lord had given David and his men victory and vengeance over Absalom. But David’s sluggish heart threatened to undo them. His life had become about his own objectives, as he grieved over what he had to lose for the Lord’s kingdom to be preserved.

That should (probably?) sound familiar.  How often, our priorities have been about those other things that we are unwilling to give up rather than about the glory of Christ’s Name in the salvation of Christ’s people. 

Family can be the hardest of all. In Luke 14:26, Christ says, “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.” For David, he couldn’t endure the loss of his son. So many of us have a hard time giving up entertainment, or wicked companions, sports team allegiances, property or possessions, etc. But some of us (many of us?) do actually have to suffer the loss of family (or at least their love). 

When we are having a hard time clinging to the Lord and rejoicing over His goodness, it is a great mercy when He sends us a friend like Joab was to David. Absalom has been eliminated, and David’s power as king has been consolidated. But Joab stands up to him. Indeed, Joab gives him the rebuke of his life in 2 Samuel 19:5-6 and the warning of his life in 2 Samuel 19:7. If we are ever in a situation where our hearts are paralyzed by a secondary allegiance like David’s was, may the Lord send us a friend with the honesty and courage of Joab!

And, if we have a dear one who needs heart and mind set back upon Christ, and Christ’s kingdom, may the Lord make us gracious by His Spirit, wise by His Spirit, and courageous by His Spirit to call our dear one back to Him!

What are you in danger of not being able to give up for Christ? Who is likely to be the one God uses to help you correct your priorities? Whom might you likely have to help some day? 

Suggested Songs: ARP119W “Lord, Let My Cry Before You Come” or TPH446 “Be Thou My Vision”


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