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Sunday, August 01, 2021

WCF 15.3.3, No Expectation of Pardon without Repentance unto Life (2021.08.01 Sabbath School lesson in Luke 13:1–9 and Acts 17:22–31)

"yet is it of such necessity to all sinners, that none may expect pardon without it."
▫ All of humanity split into two groups: those who repent and those who perish.
▫ God surrounds us and bombards us with reminders of the necessity of repentance.
▫ We are God's "trees" in God's "ground," so we owe Him to live for Him in the manner that He says.
▫ God gives especially those in His church abundant helps unto repentance.
▫ Without life and fruit-bearing granted unto our souls, church members will not repent; many don't; many perish.
▫ We are God's creatures and God's "offspring," so we owe Him to live for Him in the manner that He says.
▫ The purpose of the time and place appointed for you is that you would seek the Lord.
▫ God punishes nations for idolatry now in a way from which He had previously refrained.
▫ These punishments on nations come in order, in part, to warn every individual in the world that they will stand before Jesus at His judgment.(click audio title in player for a page where you can download mp3/pdf files of this lesson)

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