Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Why We're So, So, So, So, So, So, Sure of God's Everlasting Love (Family Worship lesson in Romans 8:28–39)

Why can believers be sure of God’s love? Pastor leads his family in today’s “Hopewell @Home” passage. Romans 8:28–39 prepares us for the opening portion of the morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these twelve verses of holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that our certainty of God's love for us comes from: its being determined in eternity so that it cannot be undone in time; its being determined in the Creator so that it cannot be undone in the creation; its being inextricable from the glory of the Son that God is committed to it with equal commitment; God having already given what is infinitely more valuable than everything else put together; His law now demanding what His love has eternally desired; and, the presently victorious reality of our union with Christ. HOW SURE the believer may be that he is loved with everlasting love!
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