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Read 2 Samuel 22:29–37

Questions from the Scripture text: What is Yahweh unto David (2 Samuel 22:29a)? What does He do to him (verse 29b)? What does David describe himself as being able to do, by Whom (2 Samuel 22:30a)? What else (verse 30b)? What does he call God here? What does he say about God’s way (2 Samuel 22:31a)? What does he say about God’s Word (verse 31b)? What does he call Him when talking about His proven Word? What is God to whom in verse 31c? What question does 2 Samuel 22:32a ask? With what implied answer? And what question in verse 32b? With what implied answer? What two things is God to David in 2 Samuel 22:33a? For what purpose does God imbue him with strength and power (verse 33b)? What else does God do for David (2 Samuel 22:34a)? Where does God set him (verse 34b)? For what does God train David’s hands (2 Samuel 22:35a)? With what result (verse 35b)? What has God given him (2 Samuel 22:36a)? What has God been toward David, to make him great (verse 36b)? What has God done for David (2 Samuel 22:37a)? Why (verse 37b)?

In the previous section of the Psalm, we realized that because God has given us Christ Himself for our righteousness, God’s own justness demands that we be helped. But what kind of help does God’s justice demand for us? It demands that God Himself be that help! Therefore, our help is sure, exclusive, and necessary.

Our help is sure, regardless of the challenge, 2 Samuel 22:29-31. Running against an entire troop. Leaping over a wall. The images in 2 Samuel 22:30 seem hyperbolic to us. But that’s because of how limited we are. The help of the one who has Christ for his righteousness is not limited, because that help is Yahweh Himself. Yahweh Himself is the Lamp (2 Samuel 22:29). Yahweh Himself is the Shield (2 Samuel 22:31). He is perfect; He is proven; He is Yahweh.

Our help is exclusive, giving us the kind of help that cannot be found and must not be looked for elsewhere, 2 Samuel 22:32-35. The implied answer to the questions in 2 Samuel 22:32 is “no one.” If you have to have God Himself as your strength and power (2 Samuel 22:33), there’s no other place to look. What speed and agility program could you follow to become like a leaping deer (2 Samuel 22:34)? What strength program could you follow to bend bronze (2 Samuel 22:35)? These images are like the ones from 2 Samuel 22:30. It is idolatrous folly to consider something other than the Lord Himself our help. Even all of the means that He gives us to use are only useful because He is the One who helps us by them.

Our help is necessary; we cannot function rightly without it. He strengthens us not to independence but unto dependence, 2 Samuel 22:36-37. God’s help is not a leg up for a while, after which we would be prepared to take things on by ourselves. God Himself must continue to be his shield (2 Samuel 22:36a). What makes the believer “great”? God’s gentleness with him (verse 36b). The picture of dependence in 2 Samuel 22:37 is subtle at first, but quite stark once you see it. Why aren’t David’s feet slipping? Not because God has given him super-agility-training; the image is of God manipulating providence to literally enlarge the ground right underneath him. We must be continually dependent upon Him, knowing that He is continually in complete control.

Blessed is that man whose help is the Lord!

What difficult situation are you facing right now? What is your duty in that situation? How can you be able to face and do your duty in such a situation? What “chance” is there that this situation will turn out for the best?

Sample prayer:  Lord, by Your perfect righteousness in Christ, You have secured for us Yourself as our infinite help. We praise You for Your glorious mercy and power! Forgive us for when we worry as if we have no help, or when we foolishly trust in other things as our help, or when we arrogantly feel as if we are not in need of help. Yes forgive us, and since You Yourself are our help even against this sin of ours, cleanse us from all unrighteousness, which we ask through Christ, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP1 “How Blessed the Man” or TPH457 “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness”

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