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Read Luke 23:47–56

Questions from the Scripture text: Who saw the events of Luke 23:44-46 (Luke 23:47)? What did he do? What did he say? Who else saw (Luke 23:48)? What did they do? What other parties were there (Luke 23:49)? What did these latter do? Who else was there (Luke 23:50)? To what did he belong? What kind of man was he? What hadn’t he done (Luke 23:51)? From where was he? What was he doing (cf. Luke 2:25, Luke 2:38)? To whom did he go (Luke 23:52)? To ask for what? What did he do with the body (Luke 23:53)? Where did he lay it? What day was this (Luke 23:54)? Which day drew near? Who were still doing what (Luke 23:55)? What did they observe? Where did they go (Luke 23:56)? What did they prepare? Then what did they do? According to what?

An amazing thing happens when Jesus breathes His last. The mockery that has been thick up until that point suddenly ceases.

Rome honors him through the mouth of the centurion, Luke 23:47. He glorifies God. He praises Jesus as righteous.

The whole crowd who had come together to see the crucifixion honors Him, Luke 23:48. Suddenly, they are deeply moved by the profundity and sadness of what has just happened. They return home, beating their breasts.

A council member honors Him, Luke 23:50-53. Jospeh of Arimathea is put by Luke into the class of Simeon and Anna, to whom he had introduced us back in chapter 2 (cf. Luke 2:25, Luke 2:38). He makes bold to request a favor of Pilate at the end of a very long day. He makes generous to offer a very valuable tomb.

His nearest and dearest honor Him, Luke 23:49Luke 23:54-56. These friends, and especially the women, observe and watch everything that is being done with Him. They have every intention of caring for the body of the One Who had so loved them. And perhaps most honoring of all, they are still careful to keep His commandment (Luke 23:56). This is surely a part of honoring Him, especially when they could so easily have rationalized breaking the Sabbath in just this one instance. 

Christ is honored now. His earthly work is finished. His body continues under the power of death for a time, but the rest of His humiliation is over. And how He shall yet be honored at the last day! Do you honor Him now?

How do you honor Christ in recognizing who He is? How do you honor Him in feeling deeply those serious spiritual events that occur? What are some of them? How do you honor Christ in courageous action and costly expenditure? How do you honor Christ in loving attention to the needs of His body? How do you honor Christ with respect to His commandments?

Sample prayer:  Lord, You have finished Your work. You lived the righteous life, died the atoning death, rose again with power, ascended into glory, and are seated in royal authority. Even were you still humiliated, by Your Spirit helping us to behold Your glory, we ought to have loved and served and worshiped You. How much more ought we to love and serve and worship You now with our whole lives. What can we do in response to such sacrifice? Dear Lord, we give ourselves away, ‘tis all that we can do. In Your Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP72B “Nomads Will Bow” or TPH431 “Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed”

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