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2021.12.01 Hopewell @Home ▫ 1 Kings 1:1–27

Read 1 Kings 1:1–27

Questions from the Scripture text: What was David’s condition (1 Kings 1:1)? What was one thing his servants did about this (1 Kings 1:2-4)? What does the end of 1 Kings 1:4 make clear? Whom does 1 Kings 1:5 introduce, and whom does he sound like (1 Kings 1:6b, cf. 2 Samuel 15:1)? What hadn’t David done? What is he determined to do, and with whom does he collaborate on this (1 Kings 1:51 Kings 1:7)? Who did not join him? What does Adonijah do in 1 Kings 1:9? Whom doesn’t he invite (1 Kings 1:10)? What does Nathan say to Bathsheba that this implies (1 Kings 1:11)? What does he say is at stake (1 Kings 1:12)? What does he say to do (1 Kings 1:13)? What does he say he will do (1 Kings 1:14)? How does Bathsheba’s follow-through go (1 Kings 1:15-19)? What does she especially add in 1 Kings 1:20 and 1 Kings 1:21? Who does his part (1 Kings 1:22-23)? How did they both approach? What does Nathan say in 1 Kings 1:24-26? With what question does he conclude (1 Kings 1:27)?

The kingdom is weak. David is old (1 Kings 1:1a). Advanced in years (verse 1b). Can’t get warm (verse 1c). Only use for a wife is as a hot water bottle (1 Kings 1:4). Doesn’t know what’s going on (1 Kings 1:181 Kings 1:27). Needs his wife and the prophet to prompt him to remember that he has made promises, and that he retains the authority to run the kingdom and choose his successor.

Its enemies are strong. Adonijah is pulling an Absalom 2.0 (1 Kings 1:5, cf. 2 Sam 15:1). David does not seem to be better at parenting in his declining years than he had been in the second half of 2 Samuel 15:6. He has some big names from the pro-David crowd with him (1 Kings 1:71 Kings 1:191 Kings 1:25).

But God’s Word (in the form of His servant) intervenes. The day isn’t won yet, but it will be. David needs a (literal?) wake-up call, but the only one he might pay attention to at this point is Bathsheba. But even she doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s going on (1 Kings 1:11). 

Dear believer, there have been many times when God’s kingdom seemed to be hanging by a thread, but that thread is the unthwartable purpose of our God, through the appointed means of His Word. And how much more hopeful we ought to be in the wake of Christ’s resurrection and enthronement! 

So, however bleak it may look for the church, or however in-control the wicked appear to be, let us be sure that Christ is building His church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it (cf. Matthew 16:18). Let us be sure that God is working all things according to the counsel of His will (cf. Ephesians 1:11). He is still the One who upholds all things by the Word of His power (cf. Hebrews 1:3), and He is still sending forth His powerful Word (cf. Isaiah 55:10–11). It’s not in a single man like Nathan was, but now a multitude of preachers whom the Lord has sent with His faith-giving Word (cf. Romans 10:13–17). Take heart. The God of this passage reigns now, during your life.

What weakness in the church or aggressiveness in the world has you concerned? How will it end? Why? By what means?

Sample prayer:  Sovereign Lord, the godly disappear from the land, and the wicked are emboldened by every success. Forgive us for when our anxiety or discouragement show that we have been walking by sight instead of faith. Grant to us confidence in You, in Your work, and Your Word by which You do it. And send forth that Word with power, we pray, through Jesus Christ, AMEN! 

Suggested songs: ARP11 “My Trust Is in the Lord” or TPH233 “O Father, You Are Sovereign”

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