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2021.12.08 Hopewell @Home ▫ 1 Kings 1:28–53

Read 1 Kings 1:28–53 

Questions from the Scripture text: For whom does David ask in 1 Kings 1:28? What does the king take (1 Kings 1:29a)? What does He call God in this oath (verse 29b)? What had he previously sworn (1 Kings 1:30)? How does Bathsheba respond (1 Kings 1:31)? Now for whom does David call (1 Kings 1:32)? Whom does he tell them to take where, and in what manner (1 Kings 1:33)? What are Zadok and Nathan to do there (1 Kings 1:34a)? And then what (verse 34b)? What are they to do when this is done (1 Kings 1:35)? For whose confirmation and blessing does Benaiah cry out (1 Kings 1:36-37)? To what extent (verse 37)? What six parties go down (1 Kings 1:38)? What does Zadok take (1 Kings 1:39)? From where? To do what? What do they blow? Who respond? Saying what? Who went up after him (1 Kings 1:40)? Doing what? How loudly? Who hear it in 1 Kings 1:41? Who asks what? Who arrives in 1 Kings 1:42 (cf. 1 Kings 1:71 Kings 1:191 Kings 1:25)? What does Adonijah say to him? But what is Jonathan’s message (1 Kings 1:43)? What does he recount in 1 Kings 1:44-45? With what conclusion (1 Kings 1:46)? Whose words, specifically, does he recount in 1 Kings 1:47 (cf. 1 Kings 1:36-37)? How had the king reacted? What had he said (1 Kings 1:48)? How did Adonijah’s guests react (1 Kings 1:49)? How did Adonijah react, and what did he do (1 Kings 1:50)? What was told to Solomon about this (1 Kings 1:51)?What does Solomon offer in 1 Kings 1:52? What do they do in 1 Kings 1:53? What does Adonijah do? What does Solomon say? 

Faith takes action. This hopefully seems obvious to you, but there are many who think that faith means presuming that God will work without you. Rather, the certainty of God’s working should be an encouragement to resolve and zeal. 

This faith certainly motivated David to action. Unable to keep warm. Out of the loop. Seemingly unable to get more than a couple words out (1 Kings 1:16b). It is hopefully not too disrespectful to indulge a bit of accuracy and say that David seems decrepit. But it is also accurate to say that hearing again of oaths made in Yahweh’s Name, and of the circumstances that threaten their fulfillment, the king seems suddenly to recover his vigor. 

This is what we hope and look to the Lord for in times of weakness in the church: that the Lord would use His Word to stir us up to action; that the Lord would use His Word to stir up to action those whom He has placed in important position. How easy it would have been for the king to slump back into bed and say, “the LORD has promised; it’s sure to be ok.” 

But this is not what biblical faith does. And suddenly, David is taking new oaths, giving detailed directions, taking charge. Biblical faith loves the kingdom like the Lord loves the kingdom. Biblical faith serves with whatever strength the Lord is pleased to lend us. Biblical faith relishes the privilege of being used by our great and merciful and faithful God. We hear Benaiah following this example, “Amen! May Yahweh, God of my lord the king, say so! As Yahweh has been with my lord the king, thus may He be so with Solomon and make his throne greater!” Let us, too, follow this example. With great hope in God, let us render our service unto God with zeal and diligence. 

There is coming a day when those who have raised themselves up against the kingdom will scatter and crumble in terror. Adonijah and company seemed so strong earlier. They think they are strong right up until 1 Kings 1:43. Jonathan has no time for the flattery in 1 Kings 1:42 and nips it in the bud abruptly. “No! Our lord King David has made Solomon king.” That’s it. Bubble burst. Game over. There are details to tell (1 Kings 1:44-48), but the bottom line is the incontestable reality of the assertion of God’s kingdom and king. 

So also now, there are those who have conspired and congratulate themselves on their reign, calling one another “prominent men with good news” (cf. 1 Kings 1:42). But soon Christ will appear in the sky. Soon, loud voices in heaven will say, “The kingdoms of this world have become that of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” And that will be it. Bubble burst. Game over. Fret not in the intermediate time. Trust the Lord, and serve His victorious kingdom with diligence and zeal. 

What evil seems to be in comfortable control? What are you called to do in your particular office and station? Why would faith mean doing these things with more zeal, not less? What decisive moment is coming? 

Sample prayer: Lord, truly against You and against Your Christ nations and people conspire. But they can only do whatever Your hand and purpose have determined. Forgive us for when we forget this sure victory and are anxious. Forgive us for when we are presumptuous about this sure victory and are lazy. By Your Spirit grant, instead, that we would be joyful, zealous, and diligent. Which we ask through Christ, AMEN! 

Suggested songs: ARP2“Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” or TPH244“A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

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