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2021.12.10 Hopewell @Home ▫ Exodus 10:1–20

Read Exodus 10:1–20

Questions from the Scripture text: To whom is Moses to go (Exodus 10:1)?What has Yahweh done to him? In order to show what? And so that Moses (and Israel) can speak to whom (Exodus 10:2)? Speak what things? In order to know what? What do Moses and Aaron ask Pharaoh in Yahweh’s behalf (Exodus 10:3)? What do they command? What will Yahweh do if Pharaoh refuses (Exodus 10:4)? What will the locusts do (Exodus 10:5)? What won’t people be able to do? What will the locusts eat? Which three groups’ houses will they fill (Exodus 10:6)/ How rare would this locust plague be? Who else is telling Pharaoh to let the people go now (Exodus 10:7)? What do they ask him? What does Pharaoh now say to Moses and Aaron (Exodus 10:8)/ What does he ask? What six specific entities does Moses say must go (Exodus 10:9)? For what purpose? Whom does Pharaoh refuse, with what words (Exodus 10:10)? What does he warn? What does he “offer” instead (Exodus 10:11a)? How does verse 11b describe (prophetically) their dismissal? What does Yahweh tell Moses to do (Exodus 10:12)? With what result? What does Moses stretch out in Exodus 10:13?What does Yahweh bring? What does that wind bring? How does Exodus 10:14 describe the intensity of the plague? What did they cover (Exodus 10:15)? What did they do to the land? What did they eat? What remained, where? For whom does Pharaoh call (Exodus 10:16)? In what manner? What does he say? For what does he ask (Exodus 10:17)? How does he limit it? Where does Pharaoh go and do what (Exodus 10:18)? What does Yahweh bring now (Exodus 10:19a)? With what (miraculous) result (verse 19b)? What did Yahweh do to Pharaoh (Exodus 10:20a)? With what result (verse 20b)? 

Intentionally protracted persecution. As we read about the eighth plague, we find something precious in Exodus 10:2—the LORD’s ministry to ourselves! For, we who trust in the Redeemer are spiritual descendants in the line begun here. One of God’s purposes in bringing locusts upon Egypt was that we might hear His signs and know that He is the LORD. That we might tell our children and see them come to know that He is LORD. This is actually given as the reason, in Exodus 10:1, for sending Moses to Pharaoh: precisely because Pharaoh has hardened his heart. 

Even among the plagues thus far, this one was particularly devastating—as Pharaoh’s servants pointed out even before it was inflicted (Exodus 10:7b). Things have gotten so bad that they are not afraid to rebuke Pharaoh! So hard is his heart that it seems unbelievable to them that he would persist against the LORD and His people. 

Insane sinfulness. But such is the conflict between sanity and our sin. Pharaoh believes himself to be “Ra.” If the word is transliterated, instead of translated, the end of Exodus 10:10 actually says “Ra is in front of you!” Every resistance of the Lord and of Christ is an insanity in which we think ourselves gods to rival the LORD. It is pathetic to see in Pharaoh, so that we might have him as a mirror in which to see our own folly. 

Incomplete repentance. Even when he is brought to “repentance” in this passage, it is only superficial. “Only this once” and “this death only” in Exodus 10:17 show how little he grasps the magnitude of his rebellion and guilt. And even then, it is only temporary (Exodus 10:20). How dreadful, then, for those who do not even come to that much repentance; they are harder hearted than Pharaoh, more deluded with their own divinity than Pharaoh. 

Through all of this, we come to know the LORD. His power is unquestioned; His enemies are doomed. His mercy is unfathomable; though we be wicked like Pharaoh, yet He Himself has borne our guilt in order to redeem us. May He make us, all the more, to know Him in His power and His mercy! 

Where are worldlings erecting themselves as God? What will be the outcome of that? Where are you tempted to act as your own god? If you have repented and believed, what is/will be the outcome of that? 

Sample prayer: Lord, there is no power that truly competes with You. The powers of this world are deluded. And whenever we reject Your law, we are no less deluded. Forgive us for when we fear them, or when we indulge ourselves. Mercifully deliver us from the oppressor without and from the sin within. Make us to know You in Your power and mercy, and give us the joy of seeing our children and children’s children come to know You as well, which we ask through Christ, AMEN! 

Suggested songs: ARP2“Why Do Gentile NationsRage?” or TPH450“Jesus, Lover of My Soul”

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