Tuesday, December 21, 2021

God's Gift of Delight in Himself (2021.12.22 Family Worship lesson in Isaiah 58:13–14)

How can those who find themselves enjoying created things more than the Creator be trained to delight in Him? Pastor leads his family in today’s “Hopewell @Home” passage. Isaiah 58:13–14 prepares us for the opening portion of Morning Public Worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these two verses, the Holy Spirit teaches us that the LORD has given His holy day as a gift by which He trains our hearts to delight in Him Himself above all. He reserves for Himself the honor of making a day holy or making a day honorable; and, He reserves for Himself the prerogative of deciding what we should find enjoyable on that day; because, He alone has the ability to train our hearts to delight in Him. And this enjoyment of Him is the greatest gift any of us can ever receive—which we gift we reject if we dishonor Him by altering His design for the day or coming up with our own religious days.
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