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Read Acts 2:14–36

Questions from the Scripture text: Who stood up with whom (Acts 2:14)? What did he do? Whom did he address? How did he emphasize it? What was not true (Acts 2:15)? Why not? What was this instead (Acts 2:16)? What would God do when (Acts 2:17Acts 2:18)? And who would do what (verses 17–18)? What else will He do (Acts 2:19-20) before what? And then what will happen (Acts 2:21)? With Whom does the apostle associate wonders in the earth beneath (Acts 2:22)? What had they done to Him (Acts 2:23)? But then what did God do (Acts 2:24)? Who had spoken about this (Acts 2:25-28)? But what had happened to David (Acts 2:29)? But what did David know about Christ (Acts 2:30)? So what was he speaking about in Psalm 16 (Acts 2:31)? What had God done (Acts 2:32a)? Who were witnesses of this (verse 32b)? Now where is Jesus (Acts 2:33a)? And what has He received (verse 33b)? And what has He done (verse 33c)? What hadn’t David done (Acts 2:34)? But Whom did David say would sit where? Until when (Acts 2:35)? Therefore, who should know what (Acts 2:36)?

The great sermon of Pentecost was that it was Jesus Who had poured out the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:33b), just as God had said that He Himself would do in Joel 2:28–32. The people had known that Jesus performed great signs on earth (Acts 2:22) and that His crucifixion (Acts 2:23) had been accompanied by great wonders in both heaven and earth; they should have been anticipated the near arrival of the great and awesome day of outpoured Spirit and freely offered salvation. And now that the “side-effects” of Spirit-pouring had been displayed in the 120, they could know for sure that the day had arrived for calling upon the Lord and being saved.

Peter preaches that this day has arrived and urges them to consider that they should have expected the resurrection and ascension from Psalm 16 and Psalm 110. David stayed in the grave (Acts 2:29) and did not bodily ascend into heaven (Acts 2:34); surely he was speaking not of himself but of the Christ! And the fact that Jesus has poured out His Spirit is evidence that He is both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36)!

Therefore, the answer to question in Acts 2:12 is not that a bunch of Galileans had gotten drunk, but that the Great Day of the Lord’s salvation had come, and that Jesus is that Yahweh of Joel 2:32 and Christ prophesied in Psalm 16 and Psalm 110, upon Whose Name they may call and be saved!

Whom do you know and believe Jesus to be? What do you know from this passage, and others, that He has done? What may (and must) you do with Him?

Sample prayer:  Lord, You have brought about Your great and awesome day after showing signs on earth and signs in heaven. You showed that it had come by the prophesying of all sorts of disciples at the Spirit’s outpouring at Pentecost. Forgive us for being too unimpressed with the greatness of what Christ has done, and what You offer us in Him. Make our hearts to rejoice over His ascension and session and to call upon Him continually with confidence in His salvation, which we ask in His Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP110B “The Lord Has Spoken to My LORD” or TPH110A “The Lord Said to My Lord”

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