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Read Psalm 47

Questions from the Scripture text: To whom is this Psalm assigned? For (of) whom was it written? With what command does Psalm 47:1 start? Who is commanded to do it? What are they to do (verse 1b)? To Whom? With what voice? What does Psalm 47:2 call God? What is His character? What is His position? How high? Over what? What will Yahweh do to the peoples and nations (Psalm 47:3)? Under whom and what? What will He choose (Psalm 47:4)? For whom? Why? Where has God gone (Psalm 47:5a)? With what? And what else (verse 5b)? What command is given four times (!!) in Psalm 47:6? To Whom? What line does Psalm 47:7a repeat? What command does verse 7b repeat? With what must God’s people sing? Over whom does God reign (Psalm 47:8a)? Upon what does God sit (verse 8b)? Who have gathered unto Him together (Psalm 47:9a)? Of which people (verse 9b)? What belong to Whom (verse 9c)? What does all of this show (verse 9d)?

Clap and shout, Psalm 47:1–4. People from all nations were created to praise God, and one day people from all nations will do so. These verses celebrate victory, triumph. It is marvelous that those who have been subdued (Psalm 47:3), are the ones clapping and shouting (Psalm 47:1). The grafting of the nations into Israel (cf. Romans 11:16ff)  is anticipated here (Psalm 47:4) as the way in which they all come to be blessed in the Seed of Abraham (cf. Genesis 12:3, Genesis 18:18, Genesis 22:18, etc.). Yahweh’s new subjects are not dejected but exultant. They think it not a misery but rather the greatest mercy and joy that they have become subjects of King Jesus. His awesomeness and His reign have made them royalty (Psalm 47:3). 

So we too should rejoice to have been subdued by King Jesus and subjected to King Jesus. Anything in us that resists to be reigned, we consider an enemy, and we rejoice that He will be victorious. God Himself is the inheritance of Jacob, and He is what (Whom!) we have, if we are Christ’s.

Sing praises! Psalm 47:5-7. In Psalm 47:5, we find that Yahweh Himself is the exultant One, and His people’s response is clear: sing praises! The command appears four times in Psalm 47:6 and a fifth time in Psalm 47:7! The emotion here moves from the triumph of victory to adoration of the Victor Himself. He has saved us so that we might not stop at being the “winners” of history but as a means unto making us “worshipers” throughout eternity! 

Let all of our rejoicings, all of our triumphing, all of our gratitude stir up the coals of love and adoration unto God. Song exists for this outpouring unto Him!

Gather, Psalm 47:8-9. This shouting of triumph and singing of praises is most properly and fully fulfilled not as individuals but in a great, corporate assembly. There are all the princes, all the great houses with their shield, and all gathered around one throne. Indeed, they are gathered not to the throne so much as to Him Who sits upon it.

This ought to stir up in us three longings. One is that we would long to lift the morning and evening spiritual sacrifice with the house to which His providence has appointed us. That shield belongs to God. Family worship isn’t just necessary for the health and function of a family; it is the great purpose of a family. 

Second, we should long for the corporate worship on the Lord’s Day. Here is that royal priesthood and holy nation to which we have now been appointed, and it is especially when we are gathered that we are at the throne—indeed, it is then that we come to heavenly Zion, the angels gathered for feast, to the general assembly of the church of the firstborn (cf. Hebrews 12:22–24).

Finally, we should long not only for our exit from this world, but for the return of Christ. Only then, will the entire assembly be completed, His glory ultimately displayed, and all of our shouting and praising be perfectly sanctified. Come, Lord Jesus!

How should you feel about being ruled by Jesus? How should you feel about your flesh’s continued resistance to Jesus? How should you respond to Him? At what three times may we do this more fully?

Sample prayer:  Lord, we praise You for Your almighty grace, in which You overthrew our resistance and blessed us in Jesus, the Seed of Abraham. Truly, You have made Yourself our inheritance, so that we rejoice now with Jacob that we have received the portion of the Firstborn, even of Christ! And, You have gathered us to Christ, the Son of David, Who sits on the throne of heaven as the King of glory! Sustain us by Your Spirit as we gather daily in our homes, weekly in Your assembly, and ultimately on that last great day. Even so, with the Spirit, Your bride here says, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Which we ask through Your own, matchless Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP47 “All Nations, Clap Your Hands” or TPH47A “O Clap Your Hands”

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