Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sanctification in the Lord, by the Spirit, at the Heart of Marriage (Family Worship lesson in 1Thessalonians 4:1–8)

What is God’s will for me? What is God’s will for my marriage? Pastor leads his family in today’s “Hopewell @Home” passage. 1Thessalonians 4:1–8 prepares us for the first serial reading in morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these eight verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that God’s will for every part of a believer’s life is sanctification. This means that just as important as the question of whom to marry is the question of how to approach marriage. In this, sanctification is to be prioritized, passions of the heart and flesh resisted, parents consulted, Christ to be pleased, and the Holy Spirit to be depended upon.
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