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Read Psalm 62

Questions from the Scripture text: Into whose hand was this Psalm committed (superscript)? Who penned it? What is his soul doing (Psalm 62:1a)? For Whom? Why—what comes from Him (verse 1b)? What two things is God for him (Psalm 62:2a)? Who else is David’s rock and salvation? What third thing is God for him (verse 2b)? What does this guarantee for David (verse 2c)? Whom is Psalm 62:3b addressing? What does verse 3a ask them? What will happen to them (verse 3b)? What is their condition (verse 3c)? What are they consulting to do (Psalm 62:4a)? In what do they delight (verse 4b)? What is their mouth doing (verse 4c)? But what are they doing inwardly (verse 4d)? Now whom does David address (Psalm 62:5a)? What does he tell it to do? In whom else does he hope? How much of Psalm 62:2 is repeated in Psalm 62:6? What four things does Psalm 62:7 add to this? Now whom does David address in Psalm 62:8? What does he tell them to do? When? What does “trusting” in God do with its heart (verse 8b)? How does verse 8c pick up from Psalm 62:7c? Now to whom does it apply? What men are what in Psalm 62:9a? But what about men of high degree (verse 9b)? And what if all of them are taken together (verse 9c–d)? In what three other things might men be tempted to trust instead of trusting in God (Psalm 62:10)? Who has spoken (Psalm 62:11a)? How does verse 11b express that David has heard this corroborated? What is this sure truth (verse 11c)? What else belongs to God (Psalm 62:12b)? According to what does God reward men (verse 12b)?

Where can we find hope, when false friends continually attack us? Psalm 62 looks forward to the opening portion of morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these twelve verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that with God Himself as our refuge, we have a power on our side that will not only save us from all attack, but even protect us in the day of judgment.

One of the ways that we see the thoughts of this Psalm organized is according to whom David is addressing: all (Psalm 62:1–2); his attackers (Psalm 62:3); his own soul (Psalm 62:4-7), the congregation of believers (Psalm 62:8-11), and to God Himself (Psalm 62:12).

To all, Psalm 62:1-2. These verses establish the tone for the Psalm as a whole. Only God can save (verse 1b), and only God is such a rock/salvation/fortress (verse 2a–b) as can guarantee security (verse 2c). So, David keeps his soul silent for God. And God alone

To his attackers, Psalm 62:3. This may be scolding, or considering verse 3c, he may actually be doing his attackers a real kindness in contrast to their false ones. Apparently, his attackers are his close advisers (Psalm 62:4a) who are blessing him with their mouth (verse 4b). They look good (like a wall or a fence, Psalm 62:3c). But they cannot be trusted, because their counsel is aimed at bringing him down (Psalm 62:4a), and their hearts are against him (verse 4d). One of the ways David has grown to appreciate how strong a defense the Lord is for him has been through the realization of how he cannot rely on them! Since he is waiting for God, Psalm 62:3b is not a threat but a warning or even a pleading.

To his own soul, Psalm 62:4-7. The switch to third-person in verse 4 lets us know that he’s already begun the self-address that becomes clear in verse 5. Human advisers are supposed to helpers, but verse 6 now repeats Psalm 62:2. Often, we already know something, but we need to address ourselves with it and affect ourselves with it. This habit of meditating upon the Word, to drive it home to ourselves and soak it into the control center of our being, is a vital part of the Christian life. It is vital that we develop the habit and skill of godly self-talk!

To the congregation of believers, Psalm 62:8-11. We know that this is believers because of the “for us” in verse 8. “You people” is also most commonly for the people of God. Just as this song was delivered to the priest who led the ordained priestly singers, so also it has been prepared for believers throughout the ages to sing, making these words of Christ dwell richly in our hearts (cf. Colossians 3:16), by which He fills us with His Spirit (cf. Ephesians 5:18–19). 

What he has done for his soul, he also does for others. One of our callings is to admonish one another with these songs. One of the reasons that God has caused His truth both to be recorded by apostles, prophets, and evangelists, as well as proclaimed and taught to us by pastor-teachers (cf. Ephesians 4:11) is so that we will be theologically prepared (cf. Ephesians 4:12–14) to speak the truth in love to one another (cf. Ephesians 4:15). Not only do we do this by the Psalms, but in this particular Psalm, David himself models it. Now, his great Son even does so in our worship (cf. Hebrews 2:12). 

Psalm 62:9 reminds us that the greatest of men have no more inherent substance or power than the least. In fact, all of them taken together are a vapor. Man’s help is useless. And if we try to rest upon ourselves, we may end up condemning ourselves like Psalm 62:3 taught about David’s attackers. We could end up oppressing (Psalm 62:10a) or robbing (verse 10b) to acquire riches that won’t come through for us anyway (verse 10c–d). The only one with real power is God (Psalm 62:11).

To God Himself, Psalm 62:12. Having dealt with the trouble before him, what about the greatest trouble—the day of judgment? God’s covenant love (“mercy” in verse 12a) gives us safety in that, too. We deserve Hell, but if we do things that are truly (though imperfectly) good, then we have been carried to do them by grace that first gave us faith in Christ, through which we have been forgiven—defended from God’s wrath, and made objects of His blessing and reward. (cf. Romans 2:6–11; http://bit.ly/romans26).

Why shouldn’t your heart count on men? Why can it count on God? Whom do you need to tell this?

Sample prayer:  O Lord, You are our rock, salvation, fortress, glory, strength, and refuge! Other men cannot be our hope, much less we ourselves. Grant that Your Spirit would write this on our hearts and help us to meditate upon it and live it out through Jesus Christ, in Whose Name we ask it, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP62A “My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone” or TPH62A “My Soul in Silence Waits for God”

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