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Read Psalm 63

Questions from the Scripture text: Who penned this Psalm (superscript)? When? Whom does David address in Psalm 63:1a? Whose is He? What will David do (verse 1b)? When? What does his soul do? What does his flesh do? In what sort of land? For what (Whom!) has David looked (Psalm 63:2)? Where? To see what? What is better than what else in Psalm 63:3? How will David respond? How long will he do this (Psalm 63:4a)? What else will he do (verse 4b)? What will be the result for his soul (Psalm 63:5)? How will his mouth respond to this satisfaction? When else will he remember God (Psalm 63:6)? By doing what for how long? What has God been (Psalm 63:7)? Where then will David go? What will he do there? How does Psalm 63:8 describe going through life in this way? What will the result be? About whom do we hear for the first time in this Psalm in Psalm 63:9? What three things will happen to them (Psalm 63:9-10)? What will the king be doing at that time (Psalm 63:11a)? And who else will be doing what (verse 11b)? What about others’ mouths (verse 11c)?

What does it look like to have God as your own, covenant God? Psalm 63 looks forward to the opening portion of morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these eleven verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that having God as our very own covenant God means praising Him as our Priority (Psalm 63:1–4), Pleasure (Psalm 63:5-6), and Protection (Psalm 63:7-10), all unto His Praise (Psalm 63:11).

Praising God as Our PriorityPsalm 63:1-4. The Psalm begins, literally, early in the day. The land may be dry and thirsty (Psalm 63:1e–f), but David is thirstier for something (Someone!) else. The thirst of his soul for the Lord (verse 1c) is so intense that he feels the longing as if it is physical (verse 1d). Why? Because God’s covenanted love (Psalm 63:3a) is better than life itself, and praising Him for it is the point of that life (Psalm 63:4). So this seeking is not just praying, but especially praising, as thrice repeated in the last three lines of this section.

Praising God as Our PleasurePsalm 63:5-6. The phrase “marrow and fatness” joins two words that usually indicate the richest portion and the choicest portion. Together, they communicate extreme delight and satisfaction. But what can satisfy a soul like this? Only the Lord Himself.

So for true pleasure, rather than filling his mouth with royal food, David fills his mouth with divine praise (Psalm 63:5b)! Psalm 63:6 finds him still licking his lips, as it were. Now, he’s sleepless through the night watches. Hour after hour passes, but by meditating upon (verse 6b)—reminding himself of (verse 6a)—the Lord, he finds himself not hungry upon his bed but well-satisfied. 

Praising God as Our ProtectionPsalm 63:7-10. God has been not only loving (Psalm 63:3a) but help (Psalm 63:7a), not only pleasure but protection. The images here are as tender as they are strong: nestling under the shadow of God’s wings (Psalm 63:7), following closely behind (Psalm 63:8a), being held up by His right hand (verse 8b). There’s not just safety here, but singing (Psalm 63:7b). By contrast, the wicked are not only killed but brought low (Psalm 63:9b), as the humiliation of becoming jackal-food emphasizes (Psalm 63:10b).

Praising God through EternityPsalm 63:11. The demise of the wicked introduces another contrast. In the grave, their mouths will be shut (verse 11c, cf. ). But the mouths that have been full of praise (Psalm 63:5b) will continue forever. The king, and everyone who swears by Him, will rejoice and glory forever. But Who is the Him—the King or God? Yes! For Christ is the perfect King-singer of this Psalm, and it is He through Whom we belong to the Lord, delight in the Lord, are protected by the Lord, and praise the Lord—Forever!

In Christ, from early in the morning, through all the watches of the night, may praising God be our priority, pleasure, and protection!

What time of day are you more forgetful of God? How/upon what can you meditate to remedy this?

Sample prayer:  Lord, from early in the morning through the watches of the night, we are well-satisfied with Your power, Your glory, Your covenanted love, Your help… indeed You Yourself are our desire, delight, and defense! Be praised now, as You will be forever, filling Your people’s hearts with joy in Christ the King, through Whom we ask it, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP63 “O God, You Are My God” or TP63 “God, Thee, My God, I’ll Early Seek” 

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