Monday, October 10, 2022

Biblical Theology of the Diaconate (6): The God Who Feeds and Clothes Us in the Covenant of Grace [2022.10.09 Sabbath School]

1. Covenant of grace. Earthly provision and the mitigation of the curse.
1.a. Gen 3:14–23 with worship purpose of 3:24
1.a.i. The Seed promise and the special care of those with child and their children, vv14–16, 20 (cf. 1Tim 2:15; n.b. the ‘diaconal’ nature of a redeemed husband)
1.a.ii. The cursed ground and the groaning creation—diaconal need a guardian against complacency in a world of sin and a guide to desire for the sinless world, v17–19 (n.b. the ‘diaconal’ opportunity presented by any abundance, which prompts both a desire to have it and a priority if we do)
1.a.iii. The atonement-reminding nature of every provision, v21 (cf. 2Cor 9:15)
1.b. Gen 8:22–9:17 with worship purpose of 8:20–21
1.b.i. Renewal/reaffirmation of covenant grace manifested in diaconal terms
1.b.ii. God’s earthly provision, 8:22, 9:3
1.b.iii. Man’s earthly service in God’s image; 9:1–2, 7 

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