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Read Psalm 72:16–20

Questions from the Scripture text: What accompanies the reign of the Forever-King (Psalm 72:16)? Even where (verse 16b–c)? And where else (verse 16d)? What continues for how long (Psalm 72:17a)? What will it outlast (verse 17b)? What is the only way that one will be blessed (verse 17c)? How many of whom will call the Forever-King what (verse 17d)? Whom do they call blessed, when they call the Forever-King blessed (Psalm 72:18a)? What does verse 18b call such a reign and kingship? What will be blessed for how long (Psalm 72:19a, cf. Psalm 72:17a)? What will be filled with what (Psalm 72:19b)? What is this Psalm the ultimate instance of (Psalm 72:19-20)?

Just Who is the Forever-King? Psalm 72:16–20 looks forward to the opening portion of morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these five verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that David’s descendant, the Forever-King, is also Yahweh Himself!  

Blessing beyond imagination or expectationPsalm 72:16. Israel was a church-nation for whom agricultural production was directly tied to faithfulness and blessing. But this is more than rain in season and storehouses having to be cleaned out for a new harvest. This is peak abundance (v16a, c) not just out of season but out of place—from the tops of the mountains  (verse 16b) to the center of the city (verse 16d). 

The blessings of earthly/national Israel were great—much better than the measly things that our flesh constantly desires. But they were just hints, foretastes, shadows of the blessedness that was to come in Christ. 

Reign/lifespan beyond that of any mere manPsalm 72:17. It was already pretty clear that the promised King of 2 Samuel 7:13, 2 Samuel 7:16 had a reign and lifespan that would be everlasting. Yet, men have been tempted to read it merely in terms of a never-ending succession of kings. Scholars have an insufferable trait of either denying or forgetting that these words were written by the grace of God the Holy Spirit, and so posit such follies as “the prophet would not have had the incarnation in mind since that was a later theological development.” 

What a pile of interpretive rubbish! God, Who planned every nanosecond of redemption from before time existed, did not need the theology of the incarnation to “develop”! Here is David’s own understanding of the promise, even as he writes in honor of his son Solomon (cf. superscript). “His Name shall endure forever; His Name shall continue as long as the sun” (Psalm 72:17c–d). This is truly the Forever-King.

And His reign and fame span not just time but space. All nations shall call Him blessed. By the inspiration of the Spirit, David himself had already tied the promises of 2 Samuel 7 to those of Genesis 12:3, Genesis 18:18, Genesis 22:18, Genesis 26:4, Genesis 28:14

The same that is done with the Forever-King in Psalm 72:17 is done with God in Psalm 72:18-19, because God Himself is the Forever-King.

A King Who is Also YahwehPsalm 72:18-19. Yahweh alone does wondrous things (Psalm 72:18b). So, why is the response to those wondrous things in Psalm 72:19 the same as that in Psalm 72:17. Aren’t such responses—the blessing of His Name forever (Psalm 72:19a, cf. Psalm 72:17a–b) and the whole earth being filled with His glory/honor (Psalm 72:19b, cf. Psalm 72:17c–d)—reserved for Yahweh alone? Indeed. But they are also shared with the Forever-King from David’s line. How can this be? Because the One Who is the Son of David is also the Son of God, as demonstrated by His resurrection (cf. Romans 1:3–4). 

As we have seen through the books of Samuel and Kings, no mere man could ever be the King for whom God’s people were looking. But, praise be to God, it is the God-Man Who is not only our Prophet and Great High Priest, but also our Everlasting King!

This is not just David’s ultimate prayer and praise (Psalm 72:19c, Psalm 72:20), but truly all of creation’s ultimate end, and all of providence’s ultimate end, and all of redemption’s ultimate end: the unending praise of Jesus by the entirety of a new heavens and new earth filled with His redeemed and glorified people. Would we have moments of heaven on earth? When we have them the most is when our hearts and mouths are full of the blessing of the Name of Jesus!

How often do You actually bless the Name of Jesus Christ? With what genuineness and intensity of heart do you do so? What produces this praise of Him in you? With whom else do you do so now? With whom else will you do so forever?

Sample prayer:  Lord, truly there is blessedness in You for us, beyond what we could ask or think. You have already given us Your own Son, Whom You did not spare for our sakes. Surely, having given what eye could not see, nor could ear hear, nor our hearts devise, You will now also freely give us all things, together with Him! His Name endures forever, longer than the sun. And here we are, blessing the Name of Jesus Christ thousands of miles and thousands of years away from His life and death and resurrection on earth. Indeed, Lord Jesus, You are the LORD God, the God of Israel, Who only does wondrous things! Blessed be Your glorious Name forever! Fill the whole earth with Your glory! Help us by Your Spirit to worship You now, and hasten the day when You return, and all nations worship You perfectly forever, we ask in Your own Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP72C “May Waving Grain on Hilltops Thrive” or TPH72A “O God, Your Judgments Give the King”

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