Monday, February 06, 2023

The Trinity and Knowing God [2023.02.05 Morning Sermon in 1Corinthians 2—Theology Conference Session 4]

What is theology? Older authors defined it shorthand as the doctrine of living to God. Longhand, it is the doctrine of living to God, through Christ, by the Spirit. Yet do we not lose our moorings? All our talk about divine attributes, predestination, baptism, salvation, child-rearing, prayer, worship, and anything else is empty if our highest aim is not to know God. Theology is a true story about God and how we come to know Him and live with Him. 1 Cor. 2 teaches us how to know God by giving us the means, the matter, and the Mover needed to know God through Christ. We need to hold the appropriate work of each divine person in their proper places to preach in demonstration of the Spirit's power, and in order to know the Spirit's power as we hear preaching. The point Paul is making could not be more vital to the church today.

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