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Read Romans 6:8–10

Questions from the Scripture text: What happened to believers (Romans 6:8)? With Whom? How do we respond to that death? What do we believe we shall do? With Whom? Whom do we know about (Romans 6:9)? What do we know has happened to Him? What does He no longer do? What doesn’t death have, over Whom? What did Christ do (Romans 6:10)? To what? How many times? How many more times will occur? What does He do now? Unto Whom does He live?

What do Christians believe, and know, about their freedom from sin?  Romans 6:8–10 looks forward to the sermon in the midweek meeting. In these three verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that Christians know that their freedom from sin is in a Christ Whose life is sure, eternal, and glorious.

Freedom from sin in union with Christ, Romans 6:8. “If we died with Christ, we believe.” Those who are dead believe. There is no way to die to sin, except in union with Jesus Christ. There is no union with Jesus Christ, except through faith. If—then. If we died, we believe. We believe into Him. And how could it ever have been that we would only die with Him but not also live with Him? 

Yes, His death frees us from sin’s guilt and even sin’s power, but what about sin’s presence? There is more to Christ than His death—everlastingly and gloriously more. And there is more to our freedom from sin in Christ than freedom from its guilt and power—everlastingly and gloriously more.

This is part of the Christian faith. We believe it. We believe more than that we have been forgiven through Him. We believe that we shall also live with Him. We believe that we will be with Him. Forever. Sinless. Do you believe this, dear reader? 

Freedom from sin, completely and forever, Romans 6:9. “knowing that.” In Romans 6:8, it was believing. Now in Romans 6:9, it is knowing. Knowing is part of faith. In Romans 6:6, we knew that our old man was crucified with Him so that we would no longer be slaves of sin: bearing our sin’s guilt, He died, to deliver us from sin’s power. In Romans 6:9, we know more about the Christ in Whom we were crucified: He has been raised, and there’s no more dying to do, because death has no claim upon Him to rule over Him. 

The believer knows that his delivery from sin’s power in our heart is as completed as Christ’s delivery from death’s power in the grave. “Christ dies no more.” There is a finality and forever-ness here that must encourage a believer in his battle with sin. Do you know this about Christ’s death, dear reader?

Freedom from sin unto a glorious new realityRomans 6:10. “the life that He lives, He lives to God.” In Romans 6:4, we read that Christ was “raised from the dead by the glory of the Father,” and that this shapes how we walk in newness of life. Christ’s resurrection announced, “God is glorious”! Our walking in newness of life announces, “God is glorious”!

Now in Romans 6:10, the “once for all” punctiliar aspect of Christ’s death is set over against His living. His living isn’t just for a point of time. It is forever and ever. And every moment of this “forever” is a “living unto God.” Every moment of the resurrected Christ’s life, delivered from death, forever and ever, declares that glory of God by which He has been raised. This is also the purpose of our having been delivered from sin. Every moment that we are not under the power of sin declares that glory of God by which we have been freed.

What do you believe about your union with Christ and fellowship with Christ? When does that come up in your thought life? What do you know about Christ’s death and resurrection life? How does your life reflect a desire to display God’s glory in your deliverance from sin’s power?

Sample prayer:  Lord, thank You for investing Your glory not only in delivering Christ from death’s power but also in delivering us from sin’s power. Forgive us for all of our selfish living, in which we aim at something less than Your glory, by which we have been delivered. Grant that by Your Spirit, we would walk in newness of life, to bring You glory, as we hope forever to do in Christ, through Whom we ask it, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP32AB “What Blessedness” or TPH433 “Amazing Grace”

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