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Read Psalm 89:19–37

Questions from the Scripture text: How did the Lord speak to whom (Psalm 89:19a)? What will He do to Whom (verse 19b)? What else will He do to Him, and how does v19c describe Him? Who is the pattern/type (Psalm 89:20) for this Mighty, Chosen One? What will God be/do unto David in helping and exalting the Mighty, Chosen One (Psalm 89:21)? What will God prevent whom from doing, in order to keep this promise to David (Psalm 89:22-23)? What (Who!) will be with David (Psalm 89:24a), and lift up the horn of his strength (verse 24b)? What will God to for him (Psalm 89:25)? How does this show that this is Someone much greater than David himself? What will great David’s greater Son, cry unto God (Psalm 89:26)? To what place will God exalt Him (Psalm 89:27)? What will God give Him for how long (Psalm 89:28)? Whom will God give Him (Psalm 89:9, cf. Isaiah 53:10d, Isaiah 59:20–21)? What might these offspring do (Psalm 89:30-31)? And what will God do for them (Psalm 89:32)? What will He not do or permit (Psalm 89:33-34)? To whom did the Lord promise this in what forceful way (Psalm 89:35)? Concerning Whom, for how long (Psalm 89:36a)? Concerning what, for how long (Psalm 89:36-37)? 

What promise has secured the everlasting blessedness of God’s people? Psalm 89:19–37 looks forward to the opening portion of morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these nineteen verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that God’s promise concerning Christ’s forever-kingdom has secured the everlasting blessedness of God’s people. 

The blessedness that this section’s promises bring. In the first eighteen verses, the Psalm rejoiced over the Lord Himself as the heavenliness of heaven, concluding with His people’s delighting themselves in Him (Psalm 89:15-18). Now, in this portion, we hear how secure this blessedness should be, since it comes in Christ and the promises made concerning Him. It is based richly upon 2 Samuel 7:11–16

The promise of the Christ. The Lord has promised to give help to a mighty one (Psalm 89:19b). What sort of great one needs help? One Who adds helplessness to Himself. Though there are many chosen ones to be saved, there is only one Chosen One (verse 19c) to be the Savior. David had been selected and anointed and helped too (Psalm 89:20-21). Now, there is expected another anointed, a Messiah, a Christ (both of which mean “anointed”). And, the victories that the Lord has given David (cf. 2 Samuel 7:9), He will now give the Anointed Who comes from David (Psalm 89:22-23). 

The identity of the Christ. While defeat comes to all of the Christ’s enemies, the situation is very different with the Christ God’s own faithfulness and God’s own steadfast love are with Him (Psalm 89:24a). His horn (the essence of His strength) is lifted up in the Name of God (verse 24b). If there was any doubt that this was much bigger than David, Psalm 89:25 puts that to rest. It is not enough for Him to be King over all the earth; He is King over the sea and the rivers as well. When Psalm 89:26-27 pick up the language of 2 Samuel 7:14a, this Psalm helps us understand that this isn’t a merely analogous sonship. He has the rights of God as the Heir of God, the Firstborn (Psalm 89:27a). His kingship isn’t like anyone else’s.

The seed of the Christ, who are in His covenant with God. In Christ, there is the eternal steadfast love (Psalm 89:28a) of the covenant (verse 28b). This is where things come back around to Psalm 89:15-18. For, as the Firstborn and covenant Head, the Christ has offspring (seed) that belong to Him (Psalm 89:29a). It’s not just His kingdom that is forever. Those who are in Him are forever. 

A blessedness stronger than sin. Even their sin will not undo this covenant (Psalm 89:30-34). The Lord will faithfully chasten them (Psalm 89:32), but for the sake of Christ, God’s steadfast love and faithfulness will never depart (Psalm 89:33). Not a single word of the covenant will ever be broken (Psalm 89:34). Great David’s infinitely greater Son will have seed Who endure forever, and He will have a kingdom that endures forever!

Dear reader, let us learn from this not only to find our blessedness in God Himself—and therefore in Christ, in Whom we have God Himself… but let us learn to plant the stake of our hope in this blessedness into the solid ground of Christ Himself and the everlasting covenant that is in Him. Clinging to Him, we cannot be lost but must come into the glorious blessedness of enjoying God forever.

What is your greatest hope? What should it be? In Whom is this hope? Why can you be sure of it?

Sample prayer:  Lord, we praise You for Your everlasting covenant in Christ. In Him, You have made us Your heirs. In Him, You have brought us into sonship to You. In Him You have given us everlasting steadfast love and faithfulness. Defeat His enemies, O Lord, and complete all of Your inalienable promises to Him. We long for His glory! We long for Your glory in Him! Now, we ask that by Your Spirit, You would give us to see and worship that glory in public worship, we ask in Jesus’s Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP72A “God, Give Your Judgments to the King” or TPH89B “My Song Forever Shall Record” 

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