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Read 2 Timothy 2:17-19

Questions from the Scripture text: What will happen with preachers  who do not preach and teach expositionally (2 Timothy 2:17)? Who were two examples of this? What did they do (2 Timothy 2:18)? What did they say? What did they do to whom? But what still stands (2 Timothy 2:19)? What is its seal/guarantee? What do those who are His Name? What do they do?

What is the danger of innovative theology? 2 Timothy 2:17–19 looks forward to the second serial reading of in morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these three verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that the danger of innovative theology is ending up straying from Christ ourselves and leading others to Hell with us.

Making a name for oneself2 Timothy 2:17. The apostle is instructing Timothy in the training of elders (2 Timothy 2:2), in part because in every age there are elders like those described in Acts 20:30, who lead people astray with their innovative ideas, and make disciples for themselves instead of for the Lord. Sadly, theology that is just empty noise sounds plausible enough to “spread like cancer.” But there is a warning for men who make a name for themselves on the preaching and teaching circuits. Hymenaeus and Philetus made such a name for themselves that they ended up being named in Holy Scripture! It is very short-sighted to enjoy people making much of us. In the final analysis, what happens with our name will be a direct consequence of how it relates to the truth and Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Making a “truth” for oneself2 Timothy 2:18a. How far did Hymanaeus and Philetus stray from the truth? They didn’t even believe in a future resurrection anymore! Start straying from the truth, and you could end up being a full preterist. 

Making a following for oneself2 Timothy 2:18b. For whom did these elders create a following? Not for the Lord Jesus. They themselves ended up believing that the resurrection was past, and those who followed them and their various errors suffered the overthrow of their faith, too. The pride of our flesh enjoys having a following. But at what cost? They may end up following us to Hell. If it is well between our souls and the Lord, between our minds and His Word, one of the ways this will be seen is by always making disciples for Christ, always pointing people to Christ. We will strengthen their faith in Him, rather than overthrow it.

God making His own followers, on the foundation of His truth, glorifying the Name of Christ, and sanctifying those He saves2 Timothy 2:19. Whatever happens with us, or even with false teachers, the Lord is still building His church. “The Lord knows those who are His.” This is the foundation that seals, that ensures, that someone’s faith will not be overthrown. Either the Lord is saving those who are His through us, or He is saving those who are His despite us. But He is saving them. 

And there are two things that will always be true of those who are actually the Lord’s: they name the Name of the Lord, and they depart from iniquity. Just as 1 John identifies these two as the great marks of a true Christian (together with the love as the third great mark). 

Are you truly the Lord’s? Whose name do you really want others to know? Whom do you want them to admire? What do you believe about the Lord Jesus? What are you doing about your sin?

Sample prayer:  Lord, we thank You for giving us Your Word of truth. Forgive us for when we follow those who explain it in a way that diverts glory from the Lord Jesus or diverts us from loving Him, longing for Him, and straining toward the resurrection. Grant unto us to love Christ’s glory and long for His appearing, we ask in His Name, AMEN!

ARP24 “The Earth and the Riches” or TPH390 “Christ Is Coming!” 

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