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Read Psalm 92

Questions from the Scripture text: For what day was this Psalm written (superscript)? What two things is it good to do (Psalm 92:1)? Declaring what two things, especially (Psalm 92:2)? At what two times, especially? What instruments remind that God has ordained His public worship (Psalm 92:3, cf. 1 Chronicles 23:5)? Who makes the believer glad (Psalm 92:4)? Through what? What responses do His works incite (Psalm 92:5)? What does it say about us if we don’t respond this way (Psalm 92:6)? Why do the wicked exist (Psalm 92:7Psalm 92:9)? Especially in contrast to Whom (Psalm 92:8)? What has the Lord done to believers (Psalm 92:10)? Especially over-against whom (Psalm 92:11)? Who flourish like what (Psalm 92:12)? Where, particularly (Psalm 92:13)? For how long (Psalm 92:14)? In order to declare what (Psalm 92:15)?

What is the Sabbath for? Psalm 92 looks forward to the opening portion of morning public worship on the coming Lord’s Day. In these fifteen verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that the Sabbath is for public, glad, triumphant, life-giving worship.  

The Sabbath is for public worship, morning and eveningPsalm 92:1-3. The Sabbath Day (superscript) is all about attending to the Creator Himself, finding our very purpose in worship—and doing so according to the rhythm that He has established not only for the Sabbath Day but for all our days: evening and morning (Psalm 92:2). That this is especially corporate worship can be seen in Psalm 92:3, which refers to instruments provided by David and a priesthood designated by David in connection with the temple (cf. 1 Chronicles 15:16, 1 Chronicles 23:5). It is not melody-making machines that is valued here but God’s priests leading God’s people in their holy assembly. This is the great thing of Sabbath assemblies still, and a great reason they are called the Lord’s Day: the only ordained Priest in the church, leading the holy assembly from glory (cf. Hebrews 12:18–24).

The Sabbath is for glad worshipPsalm 92:4-5. The thanksgivings and songs of praise that ring out on the Sabbath (Psalm 92:1) proceed from glad hearts (Psalm 92:4a) over the greatness of God’s works (Psalm 92:4-5a), as those works reveal God’s thoughts to us. Always, we should be considering His works and marveling at His goodness, wisdom, and power. But the Sabbath is an entire day for expressing this praise together in the midst of His assembly. Is your heart glad? Sing psalms (cf. James 5:13)! And channel that gladness into the Lord’s Day and singing that praise together under the leadership of the Great High Priest!

The Sabbath is for triumphant worshipPsalm 92:6-11. The senseless, the fool, and the wicked set themselves against God as enemies whom He will destroy (Psalm 92:6-9). And the believer counts this enmity as enmity against himself, which will also be defeated (Psalm 92:10-11). We live in a world where the wicked seem to have the upper hand, but worship reminds us of God’s glory, the wicked’s end, and our own end (cf. Psalm 73).

The Sabbath is for life-giving worshipPsalm 92:12-15. There is a flourishing for the godly in the public worship of God that is independent of circumstances or ability. Lebanon had the best circumstances for cedars (Psalm 92:12). But the righteous grows like one of those cedars in Yahweh’s house, in God’s courts (Psalm 92:13). Ordinarily, youth is the time of fruiting, freshness, and flourishing (Psalm 92:14). But even in old age, the righteous experience all of these things in Yahweh’s house, in God’s courts (Psalm 92:13).  And His praise is not only the source of their vigor but its purpose. The declarations of His covenant love and faithfulness at the beginning of the Psalm (Psalm 92:2) are now joined by declarations of His uprightness, covenant strengthening of His people (“MY Rock”), and perfect righteousness (Psalm 92:15).

What is the centerpiece of the evenings and mornings in your home/heart the other six days of the week? What is the centerpiece of your congregation’s evening and morning on the Lord’s Day? For each of the attributes of God in Psalm 92:2 and Psalm 92:15, list one work that shows it, and give God thanks for it!

Sample prayer:  Lord, it is good to give thanks to You, morning and evening every day, but especially on Your day and in the assembly of Your people. Thank You for the weekly reminder of the end of the wicked and the end of the righteous—and the knowledge that You have given Yourself to us already. So, help us by Your Spirit to worship You with gladness of heart as those who have heavenliness of heaven already in You, in Jesus Christ, through Whom we ask it, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP92 “It’s Good to Thank the Lord” or TPH92A “It’s God to Thank the Lord”

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