Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Not Magic, or Mechanics, but Christ by His Spirit Makes Sacraments Effectual [Shorter Catechism 91, Simply Explained]

Pastor walks his children through Westminster Shorter Catechism question 91—especially explaining how the sacraments are made effectual by Christ’s personal, active use of them by His Spirit. So, we must not use them magically as if they have benefit in them, or mechanically as if the benefit is automatically produced by them if we do them well/correctly enough, but in dependence upon Him Who uses the sacraments as means of His grace.

Q91. How do the sacraments become effectual means of salvation? The sacraments become effectual means of salvation, not from any virtue in them, or in him that doth administer them; but only by the blessing of Christ, and the working of His Spirit in them that by faith receive them.
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