Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Links to Recordings; Midweek Meeting; MEN'S BREAKFAST; Memory Work [Hopewell This Week—2023.10.24 Hopewell Harbinger]

Hopewell Harbinger ▪ October 22–October 29, 2023

The worship booklet with Hopewell @Home devotionals is attached. They are also available online, at hpwl.org/hah on the day of the devotional. May the Lord glorify Himself as He conforms you and your family to Christ, and employs you in His service.

There is not a public recording of the nomination process for the diaconate, but hopefully the explanation on the attached sheet will be clear enough; feel free to use it to print your own deacon candidate recommendation form. Forms will be kept and replenished on the table in the hallway of the Fellowship Hall.

Please note the Monthly Men's Breakfast bleow.

Audio/Video/Transcript Links from recent public teaching and preaching
2023.10.18 Midweek Sermon [Romans 9:1–5, Grieving Sacrificially Over the Lost]. As grace conforms us increasingly to Christ, our grief over the lost—and specifically over lost relatives and lost Jews—increases.
2023.10.22 Morning Sermon [Matthew 3:17–4:11, The Son Who Fulfills All Righteousness]. Jesus is the great and true Adam, the great and true Israel, and the great and true David, Who Himself has obeyed righteously and perfectly as the perfect and forever humanity, the perfect and forever church, and the perfect and forever King.
2023.10.22 Evening Sermon [Leviticus 13–14, Salvation from This Body of Death]. Death is on us, in us, and all around us as sinners in a fallen world, but God provides atonement and cleansing that we may approach Him. 

Hours still available for counseling this week: Tue–Sat at 6a and Thu–Fri at 6p. If you need urgent spiritual care, please do contact the pastor, but this week is otherwise full. Ordinary hours are Mon–Sat at 6a, and Thu–Fri at 6p. Other hours available by request, but these are preferred.

Wednesday, October 25, Midweek Meeting: Prayer Meeting
▫Prayer Meeting, 6:30p in the Chapel. The prayer meeting folder is attached and available at hpwl.org/231025 (prayer meeting is also live-streamed at hpwl.org/live). We will hear a sermon of Romans 9:6–9 then pray until 8p

Saturday, October 28, Monthly Men’s (and future men) Breakfast
7a in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast provided. (Read chapter 7 of A Holy Vision for Family Life by William Gouge, beginning at the bottom of p102).

Lord’s Day, October 29
9:50 a.m. Breakfast line begins
10 a.m. Sabbath School. Elder Rentschler will begin chapter 1 of the Battleplan for the Mind study on how to employ meditating upon Scripture in our lives. Please try to read chapter one before you come. The ebook is at the link above, and we still have physical copies that the church has purchased. If you would like one before the Lord’s Day, please contact me, and we’ll try to figure out how to make that happen.
11 a.m. Public Worship. The holy assembly on the Lord’s Day.  

Children’s Catechism for October 29
Q64. What offices has Christ? Christ has three offices.

Shorter Catechism for October 29
Q3. What do the Scriptures principally teach? The Scriptures principally teach what man is to believe concerning God, and what duty God requires of man.
[WSC 3 Simply Explained: “
The Scriptures Teach Us to Trust and Obey”]


Songs for October 29 morning service: 

ARP104C “The Trees of the Field” [mp3]

ARP48B “Within Your Temple” [mp3]

ARP72C “May Waving Grain on Hilltops Thrive” [mp3]


A.M. Sermon Text for October 29: Matthew 4:12–25


Lord’s Supper 

▫1 p.m. Catechism Class
▫1 p.m. Tea/Chocolate/Coffee Fellowship
▫1:15 p.m. Fellowship Meal
3 p.m. Psalm/Hymn Sing in the Chapel. The congregation makes selections during lunch.
3:45 p.m. Evening Preaching from Leviticus 15

Memory Verse for October 29, Matthew 4:16, The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned

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