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Read 1 John 5:6–11

Questions from the Scripture text: In what two ways did Jesus Come (1 John 5:6)? Who bore witness to this? Why? How many bear witness (1 John 5:7)? Which are these three (1 John 5:8)? Whose witness do we tend to receive (1 John 5:9)? Whose witness is greater? Of Whom has He testified? What does the believer in the Son have in himself (1 John 5:10)? What does the unbeliever make God out to be? How/why? To what two things has God witnessed (1 John 5:11)?

What has God testified? 1 John 5:6–11 prepares us for the second serial reading in public worship on the Lord’s Day. In these six verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that God has testified that God has given us eternal life in His Son, Jesus.

There were two great events at which God has announced to the world that Jesus is God the Son, by Whom God has given believers eternal life: His baptism and His crucifixion. In the first, water was applied, and God Himself announced from heaven that this is His beloved Son in Whom He is well-pleased (cf. Matthew 3:17). There, Jesus said that “we” were fulfilling all righteousness by His identifying with us and our need for repentance (cf. Matthew 3:15). The second was preceded by the transfiguration, where Jesus talked about His “Exodus” (Luke  9:31) and at which God testimony (cf. Luke 9:35). Romans 3:25 tells us that, on the cross, Jesus was exhibited as a propitiation by His blood. Both in descending upon Him as a dove (cf. Matthew 3:16), and in sustaining Him at the cross and raising Him from the dead, the Spirit bore particular witness to Christ at both events. By water, blood, and Spirit, God attests that Jesus is the Son, Who gives life. And if you believe, it is by the witness of the Spirit, even within you. If you don’t, you’re calling God a liar, and you will receive as you deserve. Jesus is God the Son, Who gives life!

What do you believe about Jesus? Upon Whose testimony? How does this assure you that this is the truth about Him?

Sample prayer:  Lord, thank You for testifying about Your Son, by Your Spirit, that He is our life and sacrifice. Amen!

 Suggested songs: ARP110B “The LORD Has Spoken to My Lord” or TPH265 “In Christ Alone”  

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