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Read Numbers 15:22–31

Questions from the Scripture text: What might the whole congregation do, without meaning to or knowing it, and what must be done in that case (Numbers 15:22-25)? With what result (Numbers 15:26)? Who else might do this (Numbers 15:27Numbers 15:29)? What must be done, with what result (Numbers 15:28)? But what is done in the case of high-handed sins (Numbers 15:30Numbers 15:31b)? What three things has he done (Numbers 15:30-31a)?

What must God’s people do about sin? Numbers 15:22–31 prepares us for the evening sermon on the Lord’s Day. In these ten verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that God gives His people procedures by which to take sin, atonement, and forgiveness seriously.

For unintentional sin, whether by all the people or one, atonement was necessary. And, praise God, He provided it! A Christian doesn’t even need to offer a sacrifice; he has immediate recourse to the blood of Christ. But the one who sins “with an exalted hand” (Numbers 15:30) blasphemes YHWH, despises His Word, and breaks His commandment. Then, as now, such open defiance and unrepentant sin calls for excommunication. Thus, sinners would feel the weight of their guilt upon them. By implication, if Israel (or your church) permitted unrepentant sinning, the church as a whole would blaspheme the Lord. 

How do you come to realize your sin? How ought you to respond? What can be (has been!) done about it?

Sample prayer:  Lord, thank You for testifying about Your Son, by Your Spirit, that He is our life and sacrifice. Amen!

 Suggested songs: ARP32AB “What Blessedness” or TPH51C “God, Be Merciful to Me”

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