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Read Matthew 9:27–34

Questions from the Scripture text: Where was Jesus going (Matthew 9:27)? Who followed Him? What were they crying out and saying? Where did He enter (Matthew 9:28)? Who came to Him? What does Jesus ask them? How do they answer? What does Jesus do them in Matthew 9:29? What does He say to them? What happens to their eyes (Matthew 9:30)? What does Jesus now say? But what do they do (Matthew 9:31)? When does Matthew 9:32 occur? Whom do they bring to Him? What happens in Matthew 9:33, with what result? How do the multitudes respond? How do the Pharisees respond (Matthew 9:34)?

What are we to see about Jesus? Matthew 9:27–34 prepares us for the morning sermon on the Lord’s Day. In these eight verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that faith sees Jesus’s Kingship, mercy, power, and devil-defeating glory.

The blind men cannot see with their eyes, but they can see Jesus well enough to call Him the Christ, the Son of David. They can see that He is King. They can see that He is merciful, as they cry out to Him to have mercy. They can see that He is powerful, as they confess Him to have power. Jesus refers to all of this as faith. 

Their faith was for their own worship of Him; it was when He was lifted up on the cross that He would draw all people to Himself (cf. John 12:32). But still, they spread the report of Him in all the earth (Matthew 9:31). The satanic/demonic effects of the fall (blindness, muteness) crumble before Him, and the multitudes marvel (Matthew 9:33b), even if they don’t understand exactly what they are seeing. But those who should understand better than the multitudes turn out to be the blindest of all (Matthew 9:34). Don’t you be blind, too, dear reader. With the Lord, there is forgiveness and deliverance from all our sins, so that we might fear Him rightly and worship Him.

What do you see about Jesus? How are you responding to Him throughout each day? With your life as a whole?

Sample prayer:  Lord, thank You for giving to us the faith to see You as our God, our King, our Savior, Who loves us, has mercy upon us, and delivers us. Give us to marvel at You and worship You, we ask in Your own Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP23B “The Lord’s My Shepherd” or TPH130A “Lord, from the Depths” 

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