Monday, February 26, 2018

2018.02.26 Hopewell @Home ▫ Hebrews 10:1-4

Questions for Littles: What did the law have a shadow of (v1)? What did the law not have? What were offered the same, year after year? What could these sacrifices not do for those who drew near through them? If the Old Testament sacrifices could perfect the worshipers, what would have ceased (v2)? So, what did the sacrifices remind them of, year after year (v3)? What does v4 say is impossible? 
In the sermon this week, we heard about the same sacrifices being offered, year after year. We could almost hear the child asking the questions, “Why do we have to go back? Aren’t our sins already forgiven? If they’re not, then aren’t they still going to not be forgiven this time too?”

Those are all excellent questions. The fact is that, according to our Scripture passage today, those sacrifices could not take away sins.

As for the answer to why continue to do them, that one’s easy: because God said so! Now, here’s a little harder question: why did God say so?

We can see the biggest answer in v10: so that Jesus Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice would be displayed to be infinitely glorious and infinitely better than any other sacrifice, and than every other sacrifice!

But, in our passage today, we can see another answer in v3: so that they would be reminded of their sins every year. Every year, they would keep the feasts. Every year, there would be the day of atonement. Every year, there would be a reminder that sin had not yet been dealt with.

But it wasn’t just their sacrifices, then, that they were being reminded could not cleanse them from sin. Nothing else that they did could cleanse them from sin!

Dear reader, that is a most important lesson for you as well! There is absolutely nothing that you or I can do to be cleansed from sin. We want to think there is. Maybe if we are serious enough about repenting. Maybe if we are sorry enough about our sin. Maybe if… NO! Stop! Whatever it is, it cannot do it!

One of the main points of the Old Testament sacrificial system was to announce both to them and to us that only Jesus’s sacrifice could pay for sins. Are we listening?
What kinds of things do you feel like trying to do when you feel guilty? Can those things ever make up for your sin? Upon what hope must you rest instead?
Suggested Songs: ARP32A “What Blessedness” or HB271 “Rock of Ages”

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