Tuesday, July 17, 2018

2018.07.17 Hopewell @Home ▫ Romans 5:5-11

Questions for Littles: What does hope not do (v5)? Why not—what has been poured out in our hearts? By Whom? What condition were we in, when Christ died for us (v6)? For whom does v6 specifically say that Christ died? For what kind of man would people ordinarily still be unwilling to die (v7)? Who is giving the demonstration in v8? What is He demonstrating? For Whom? In what condition were we when Christ died? For whom did Christ die? Is v9 presenting something that is more certain, or less certain, than sinners such as we are being justified (declared righteous) through Christ’s blood? What is more certain—from what will we be saved? Through Whom? What were we, when we were reconciled to God (v10)? Through what were we reconciled? What condition are we now in? By what shall we be saved (end of v10)? In addition to this certainty, what are we already doing (v11)? In Whom are we rejoicing? Through Whom are we rejoicing? Why—what have we received through Him?
This week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, and Confession of Sin came from Romans 5:5-11. This is a passage about those whom God has declared righteous through faith in Jesus Christ (v1). But there are two transitions that have taken place. Legally, they have gone from “sinners” (v8) to “justified” (v9). Relationally, they have gone from “enemies” (v10) to “reconciled (v10,11).

Is this you, dear reader? Have you reconciled the debt of sin, and come to the cross and had it canceled in the permanent ink of the blood of Jesus Christ? If so, then you are reconciled with God!

And the point that our passage is making is that if God’s particular interest in you was that while you were still ungodly and a sinner and an enemy, Christ died for you… how can it even be possible that God’s interest in you has become any less now?

Less interest in one who is declared righteous by the throne of heaven? Less interest in one whose righteousness and reconciliation are the result of being IN CHRIST? Less interest now that you have gone from His enemy to His friend? Of course not! God’s redeeming love and saving interest in you cannot be lost by anything in time, because it is from eternity. It can have no end, because it had no beginning!

Finally, v11 takes the new reflex of our hearts toward God—to be exulting in Him, to be full of His praise—and says that this new life of rejoicing is an evidence and seal of our reconciliation.

So, may I ask you, dear reader—do you rejoice over God’s great redeeming love and saving acts?

Then, let no trouble ever discourage you—this recognition of God’s love has been spread into the corners of your heart by the Holy Spirit Himself. It is impossible that this hope would at last be disappointed!
Are you personally familiar with this rejoicing over the love of God with your whole heart?
Suggested songs: ARP32A “What Blessedness” or TPH431 “And Can It Be That I Should Gain”

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