Saturday, September 22, 2018

2018.09.22 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 1:1

Questions for Littles: When does this verse start? Who is already there? What did He create? From what did He create them?  
From the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we learned not only the terms upon which we may study the creation (see Monday), but also the actual subject of our study, and therefore the goal of our study.

The entire Bible is a theological book. It is a book given not to unbelievers but to the community of the redeemed. In it, God is not just giving His people pointers about how to live, but relating to them—engaging them to Himself, revealing Himself to them, and requiring things from them.

Genesis, too, is a theological book. In it, God establishes His glory and our purpose; recounts our fall into sin; promises our salvation; displays the Hell that we deserve; and begins to show what He is like in His dealings with sinners who are being redeemed.

The theological character of the book is apparent right from the beginning (literally!). “In the beginning God.” This is not a book that was left behind on a rock like a user’s manual in the glove-box of a new car. This is a love-note from the designer to the bride—all about how it is from Him and for her. It is far more about Him than it is about His creation.

As such, the point of the book is not for us to start a creation science research group (thought we may be appropriately thankful for those who debunk the lies by which the knowledge of God is attacked). Rather, the point of the book is adoration. Worship, love, service, obedience.

Genesis 1:1 is all about God. It cries out, “Behold your God!”

And it goes further than that. It teaches us that everything is all about God. Everything in the first heaven? About God! Everything in the second heaven? About God! Everything on earth? About God! The rest of the chapter will declare, “And all that is in them!”

Including you and me, and your neighbors. And especially the church.
How do you daily remind yourself that everything is all about God?
Suggested Songs: ARP98 “O Sing a New Song to the Lord” or TPH98A “O Sing a New Song to the Lord”

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