Monday, September 24, 2018

2018.09.24 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 1:2

Questions for Littles: What part of the heavens and earth from v1 does v2 now focus upon? What two things describe the condition of the earth at that time? What was upon the face of the deep? Who was there? What was He doing?
From the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we were introduced to the Holy Spirit.

It’s very interesting that God doesn’t create everything all at once. He certainly could have. Instead, He restrains the immediate exercise of His full creative power to create in “slow motion” as it were.

He’s revealing Himself, and He wants us to pay attention as He does so, so that we might know Him better. So, one of the first things that He does is shock us: “and the earth was chaotic and purposeless.”

Doesn’t that shock you? It certainly does not seem like our God. Isn’t our God a God of order? How can He make something that is chaotic? Isn’t our God a God of purpose? How can He make something that is purposeless? Isn’t our God a God of light? How can the whole earth be shrouded in darkness?

Well, there’s an easy answer to that question. He’s not done yet. By the end of this day, God is going to have created light out of darkness, which gets a “very good” declaration from Him.

And yes, He still has to separate the waters from the waters, and the water from the land, but there is something—or, rather, Someone—whose presence in the midst of the process already indicates that this is good: the Spirit of God.

God is revealing Himself as the One who brings order out of chaos. God is revealing Himself as the One who brings meaning out of purposelessness. God is revealing Himself as the One who brings light out of darkness. And God is revealing that the Person of the Godhead who causes all of these things is God the Holy Spirit!
Where in your life is there chaos, emptiness, or darkness? If you are a believer, what is God doing in all of that? Which Person, most prominently?
Suggested Songs: ARP143B “O Lord, My Spirit Fails” or TPH393 “Spirit of God, Dwell Thou within”

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