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Questions for Littles: What is this passage “concerning” (v1)? What does the apostle want them not to be? What had they been (v2)? Regardless of how they were led, to what kind of idols had they been carried away? What had some who claimed to be speaking by the Spirit said about Jesus (v3)? What were others saying when they were taken over by the Holy Spirit? By what diverse things did this Spirit-speech come (v4)? What is another name for these gifts (v5)? What is another (v6)? But what is there only one of for this (v4)? And only one of (v5)? And only one of (v6)? For whom were these manifestations being given (v7)? What was one kind of word the Spirit gave (8a)? And another kind of word the Spirit gave (8b)? And what were different signs that the Spirit gave about these words (v9b, v10a, v10b, v10c, v10d, v10e)? And what was the Spirit, the Lord, the God who works all in all, working through these words that were being attested by these signs (v9a, 11)? How many bodies does Christ have (v12)? What do all members of the body have from the Spirit (v13)? What do all do into the Spirit? How many members does the body have (v14)? What should a member never say about itself (v15-19)? What should a member never say about another member (v20-21)? What should the members of the body be giving to one another according to vv22-24? What should the members of the body be giving to one another according to v25? What else should we be doing for one another (v26)? What activity (just as with vv4-11) has the central focus in the roles described in v28-31? What would the “best gifts” be, and who would have them? What kind of way is the next passage going to describe? 
In this week’s Epistle reading, we begin hearing about spiritual life. Notice that I did not write spiritual “gifts.” That is because they, in fact, are not the focus here. v1 does not mention gifts, but simply spiritual (things/life).

They had had no spiritual life previously, because they followed idols that could not talk. True, demons sometimes talked (and still were—saying that Jesus was still accursed!). But there was no true revelation, and there was no spiritual life through it.

That was a stark contrast with real spirituality, in real Christianity, which was all through the Word. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the Word. Naturally, everyone wanted to be one through whom the Word came, or through whom the Word-authenticating signs came.

But that wasn’t a role that was for everyone. What were the roles for everyone? Faith—which came only by the work of God the Holy Spirit!... nothing to sniff at!! And recognizing oneself as part of the body. And recognizing others as part of the body. And honoring those in the body who seemed to be the least. And not having division among the body but caring for every single member. And suffering with one another. And rejoicing over one another’s honors.

These were the real evidences of Holy-Spirit-power!
What 1Cor 12 evidences of Holy Spirit power do you see? Can you be a part of?
Suggested songs: ARP197 “Christian Unity” or TPH409 “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”

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