Friday, November 02, 2018

2018.11.02 Hopewell @Home ▫ John 5:24-30

Questions for Littles: Who is speaking in this passage? Whose word does the person He is talking about hear? In whom does that person believe? What does that person have? What shall they not come into? From what have they passed? Into what have they passed? What does Jesus say is coming in v25? What does Jesus say now is? What kind of people will hear the voice of the Son of God? What will happen to those who hear? Who has life in Himself in v26? To whom has He granted to have life in Himself? What else has He given Him authority to do (v27)? Why? What does He tell them not to do in v28? Why not? Whom does v28 now say will hear His voice? What will they all do (v29)? To what kind of resurrection will those who have done good come? To what kind of resurrection will those who have done evil come? What can Jesus do of Himself (v30)? How does He determine what to judge? What is righteous in v30? Whose will does Jesus not seek? Whose will does Jesus seek?
In the Gospel reading this week, Jesus teaches us about spiritual death and bodily death.

First, Jesus teaches us about Spiritual death: the state of unbelief. The one who believes has everlasting life because he has already passed from death into life. A believer is someone who is already spiritually alive.

Well, how did the believer come alive spiritually? v25 tells us the answer: the dead hear Christ’s voice, and those who hear His voice live. Are you looking for spiritual life? Come prayerfully under the preaching of Scripture, where Hebrews (and other passages) tells us that Jesus addresses us with His Word. Ask that you would hear Him. Those who hear Him will live!

But we also learn about bodily death: that it is temporary. There is a bodily resurrection coming, also at the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what comes of us in that bodily resurrection depends upon whether or not we have been made spiritually alive.

We cannot earn the resurrection of life. That comes only by the grace of Jesus. But that grace does make us spiritually alive to do good. So, it is no surprise that it is those who have done good who receive a resurrection of life.

But woe unto him who is never made spiritually alive. Such a person is spiritually dead throughout his life on earth, and can only have been said to have done evil. Therefore, our passage warns that this person will most certainly come out of his grave—unto a resurrection of condemnation.

So, both salvation and condemnation announce to us that Jesus is the living God. Who can save but God alone? Who can judge and condemn but God alone? And it is God the Son who does both!
How are you making the most of your opportunities to hear the voice of Christ?
Suggested songs: ARP29 “You Sons of the Gods” or TPH172 “Speak, O Lord”

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