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2018.11.03 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 1:24-27

Questions for Littles: Who commanded the earth to bring forth the living creature? What three classes of kinds did He command it to bring forth? According to what did He command it to bring forth? According to what did God make the beast of the earth (v25)? According to what did God make the cattle? According to what did God make everything that creeps? What did God see? Then what did God say in v26? Whom did He say should produce the man? In what? According to what? What would the man have over the other creatures? What does God repeat twice in v27? What does God specifically mention about man at the end of v27?
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, we read about God creating living beings who reside upon the earth. He names three classes of them: cattle, creeping things, and beasts. More importantly, He mentions that within those three classes, what He specifically creates is each kind.

This is just the latest in a series of clear incompatibilities between how God actually created according to Scripture, and the imaginary human theory of evolution. So-called “theistic evolutionists” would have us believe that we can hold onto Genesis 1:24-27 with one hand, while with the other hand we hold onto the idea that one kind came from another kind.

This simply isn’t possible. Just as God commanded that each plant kind would produce only the seed for its kind, so now He simultaneously creates all of the different land animal kinds. The kinds that we have are not the result of one different kind descending from another. They all existed already on day six.

Thus, evolutionary theory is exactly opposite Scripture, with the Bible agreeing with what we have observed: animals only ever produce their own kind, and never ever (not even once) a different or new kind.

Of course, where things will get interesting is when we get to the creation of mankind. Rather than being created according to the “man” kind, man is repeatedly described as being created in God’s image.

This is the most important disagreement with evolution. Man is not a kind of animal at all. Created in the image of God, He is completely unique among the creatures.

This, of course, is a foreshadowing, because there is an even greater way that man is unique among the creatures. One day, the Creator Himself will become a man. What a precious thing is a human being in the eyes of the Living God!
What people are you most tempted to value less than you should?
Suggested Songs: ARP8 “Lord, Our Lord” or TPH8B “Lord, Our Lord, in All the Earth”

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