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2018.11.10 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 1:28-2:3

Questions for Littles: What did God do to the man and the woman at the beginning of v28? What is the first thing that He told them to do? What two things were they to do to the earth? What were they to do to the living things of sea, air, and land? What did God command them to see (v29)? For what did God give them every plant? To whom else did God give every plant for food (v30)? What did God see in v31? Then what came? And then what came? What did this evening and morning conclude? The creation of what things were finished (v1)? On what day did God stop working (v2)? How many times does He say this in v2? What two things did God do to the seventh day in v3? Why?
In the Scripture for tomorrow’s sermon, we have a rather odd sequence of events.

First, God gives the man and the woman several rather demanding tasks.

They are to be fruitful and multiply. As we were thinking about on Monday, this meant more than just having babies. It meant teaching those babies to love and obey God.

Second, they are to fill the earth and subdue it. That sounds like a monumental task. In fact, it sounds a whole lot like what God has been doing to the creation since it was tohu and bohu (chaotic and empty) all the way back on day one. So, that’s a God-like task!

Third, they are to take dominion over… well, over every living thing, everywhere. Again—sounds like a task just about worthy of God Himself.

So, here we are at the end of day six, and God has just given Adam and Eve this gigantic workload. And what is the first step to doing all of that work?

Rest. How long? An entire day. Uh… now, I know that Adam had kind of a long day with the establishment of the covenant of works, and the whole animal-naming thing, and then the first major surgery, followed by his wedding. Long day. Sure. But, he’s unfallen. Never mind that Eve only just came in at the very end there. Why in the (newly created) world do they need a rest?
Because it’s not physical rest. God blessed the seventh day. He made it some glad and beneficial. God made holy the seventh day. He set it apart to Himself. Before He launched Adam and Eve into a life of delight in and devotion to all that God had made them for, God made it clear that He had first of all made them for Himself.

Of everything that God made, perhaps the most important thing that He made was this holy day. The Sabbath is a weekly and perpetual reminder that God has made us in order that we might be delighted in and devoted to Him. All day. Every day. This is the lesson of the Sabbath Day!
How are you treating the Lord’s Day as wholly holy unto the Lord? As a blessing?
Suggested Songs: ARP92 “It’s Good to Thank the Lord” or TPH152 “O Day of Rest and Gladness”

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