Monday, November 12, 2018

2018.11.12 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 1:28-2:3

Questions for Littles: What did God do to the man and the woman at the beginning of v28? What is the first thing that He told them to do? What two things were they to do to the earth? What were they to do to the living things of sea, air, and land? What did God command them to see (v29)? For what did God give them every plant? To whom else did God give every plant for food (v30)? What did God see in v31? Then what came? And then what came? What did this evening and morning conclude? The creation of what things were finished (v1)? On what day did God stop working (v2)? How many times does He say this in v2? What two things did God do to the seventh day in v3? Why?
From the Scripture for this week’s sermon, we saw God’s great plan for man and God’s great provision for man. But, the greatest part of each was the Sabbath day.

God’s plan for man is great. He blesses them to be fruitful. He blesses them to multiply. He blesses them to fill the earth. He blesses them to subdue it.

In these last two, in particular, they are to image God. God created a heavens and earth that was void and without form. He filled the empty void. He subdued the chaos of the formlessness. And now He has created man in His image to carry both the filling and the forming to the next level. He even created other kinds of living creatures for man to take dominion over, just as God has dominion over everything and everyone everywhere.

So, what does God call man to do on his very first day of following this great plan? Rest. The whole day. Why? Because God is resting. As we learn from God’s own interpretation of this passage in Hebrews 4, the rest here is something other than napping, or success, or even completion of work. It is an entering into the rest of God Himself. It’s the kind of rest that we anticipate having not at the weekend or at retirement, but rather in glory itself forever and ever.

God also makes great provision for man: every green herb for food—and much more, as we’re about to see in chapter 2. But the first and greatest provision is fellowship with Himself on the day that He declares blessed and holy. Man fell, but God maintained to us His greatest plan and provision!
Why is the Lord’s Day the most important day in your week? How does your practice of keeping it show that it fulfills that role in your life?
Suggested Songs: ARP92 “It’s Good to Thank the Lord” or TPH152 “O Day of Rest and Gladness”

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