Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018.11.29 Hopewell @Home ▫ 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Questions for Littles: What is Paul declaring to the Corinthians in v1? What did he preach? What had they received? In what did they stand? By what are they saved (v2)? What other kind of faith is there than saving faith (end of v2)? What had Paul—first of all—delivered to them (v3)? For what had Christ died? In accordance with what? What was done with Him then (v4a)? But what did He do after He was buried? In accordance with what? By whom was He seen (v5a)? Then by whom (v5b)? Then by whom (v6)? After the gathering of over 500, by whom was He seen again (v7)? By how many of the apostles? Who was last (v8)? What does Paul say about the timing of his own becoming an apostle? What does Paul say about his place among the apostles (v9a)? Why (v9b)? How did such an one as Paul become an apostle (v10a)? What else did God’s grace enable Paul to do  (v10b)? But what is the same, no matter which apostle was preaching it, or which believer was believing it (v11)?
In this week’s Epistle reading, we continued upon the theme of the use of the understanding in worship. Now, the apostle addresses us not upon the subject of how the understanding must be used in worship, but rather upon the subject of what it is that we should be understanding, as we think in worship.

What do you think about in worship? That’s a good question, and it needs answering, because v2 reminds us that there is something that looks like faith but is really empty. What is first of all? What is most important?

Christ. Christ dead for sins. Christ buried. Christ risen again.

Apostolic signs have been a subject for much of this letter, and Paul here clearly makes the case that there are no apostles after him—so that time coming of having a completed Bible, about which chapter 13 spoke (and which Jesus had promised in John 16) was coming soon.

But the signs of a true apostle did more than confirm the written Word of the apostles. The signs were also confirming the eye-witness of the apostles. The apostles, as well as these more than 500 others, were eye-witnesses of the resurrected Christ.

O, dear Christian, there is nothing so important to us as the resurrected Christ! And to think much of ourselves is directly opposed to humbling ourselves low before Him. By the grace of God alone we have whatever calling or place we find ourselves in. By the grace of God alone may we be faithful in that calling or place.

The most important thing about our place in the church is that, in it, we carry forward the gospel of Christ dead for sins, buried, and risen again! And He--this Christ--must consume our attention during worship.
How do you dwell upon our resurrected Lord? How often? How does it affect your life?
Suggested songs: ARP72B “Nomads Will Bow” or TPH358 “Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem”

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