Friday, November 30, 2018

2018.11.30 Hopewell @Home ▫ John 6:22-40

Friday, November 30, 2018 ▫ Read John 6:22-40
Questions for Littles: What day is it in v22? Where were the people? What did they see? What did they know about the disciples? What other boats were there now (v23)? Where did they go (v24)? Whom were they seeking? Where did they find Him (v25)? What did they ask Him? According to Jesus, what wasn’t the reason that they were seeking Him (v26)? What was the reason that they were seeking Him? For what kind of food does He tell them not to labor (v27)? For what kind of food does He tell them to labor? Who will give them that food? How do they know that He will give them that food? What kind of labor do they ask Him about in v28? What does Jesus say is the “work” of God (v29)? In order for them to believe, what do they demand that Jesus perform (v30)? What kind of sign do they suggest (v31)? How does this relate to v26? Whom does Jesus say is the giver of true bread (v32)? What is the bread of God (v33)? For what do they ask (v34)? What does Jesus call Himself in v35? What two things will never be done again by a person who comes to Jesus for life? But what does Jesus say that His hearers are not doing (v36)? Who will come to Jesus (v37)? What will Jesus not do with those who come to Him? From where has Jesus come (v38)? What has Jesus not come to do? What has Jesus come to do? Whose will does Jesus describe in v39? To whom has the Father given particular people? What will Jesus not do with any of those people? What will Jesus certainly do with all of those people? What has the Father willed to give to everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him (v40)? What will Jesus do with that person on the last day? 
In the Gospel reading this week, Jesus rebukes people for seeking something from Him. It’s not so much that He wasn’t the One that they were seeking. Rather, the problem was that He Himself wasn’t what they were seeking from Him.

They were hungry for bread, when they should have been hungry for Jesus. The sign didn’t announce that Jesus was where to get bread. The sign was announcing that Jesus IS the bread.

What is it that you seek with all your heart? Strength? Satisfaction? Joy? Belonging? A clear conscience? Every proper thing that there is to seek is to be found not merely from Jesus, but in Jesus—Jesus Himself.

Even the right work to do is to stop hoping in doing works but to believe in Him. Do not even believe in believing in Him—that is to believe in faith. But true faith doesn’t hope in itself. It believes only in Jesus!
What have you been seeking from Jesus so much that you risk seeking it more than Jesus Himself? What would it look like to seek Him more than it?
Suggested songs: ARP130 “Lord, From the Depths” or TPH508 “Jesus, Priceless Treasure”

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