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2019.03.05 Hopewell @Home ▫ Exodus 20:8-11

Questions for Littles: What is the first word/command in Exodus 20:8? Which particular day is it that we are to remember? For what purpose are we to remember it? In order to keep the Sabbath holy, on which days should we have it in mind (Exodus 20:9)? To Whom does the Sabbath belong (Exodus 20:10)? How much work should we do on it?  Who else should not work on it? What else should not work on it? What explanation does Exodus 20:11 give for the pattern of “six and one”? What did the Lord create? How much of it? How long did He take to do this? What did He do on the seventh day? What two things did the Lord do to the Sabbath day?  
This week’s Call to Worship, Prayer for Help, Song of Adoration, and Confession of Sin all came from Exodus 20:8-11.

Remember. Ironically, one of the things that we tend to forget about the fourth commandment is that it begins with a command to “remember.” Why would we need such a command? Because of our tendency/likelihood to forget. And because of the necessity of remembering the day if we are actually going to keep holy the day.

Sabbath. It literally means stopping. Yes, we gloss this meaning with the word “rest,” but at its fundamental core, it means to stop. Of course, we cannot quit everything. So, it must be that there are specific things that we are to stop in order to do other things.

Day. We know what a day is by Exodus 20. In fact, we know what a day is by the end of Genesis 1:5. 24 hours. It is not the Sabbath hour. Or the Sabbath morning. Or the Sabbath exercises. It is an entire day that is to be remembered. And an entire day that is to be kept.

Keep. Guard. Observe. Defend. Follow through with. The word has all of these meanings in this context. Remembering the stopping day is not so much about what may not be done on that day, but about what must be done on that day. It’s not about what the day is against but what the day is for.

Holy. This is what the day is for. Being separated from all other uses and consecrated unto God. This is what we remember on the other six days. This is why we must not permit anyone else to work for us or near us upon that day.

Blessed (Exodus 20:11). It almost goes without saying. Can there be anything more blessed than to set aside the creation to spend a day attending upon the Creator Himself? This is, literally, the ultimate blessing!
When are you to remember the Sabbath? How are you to do this? Why?
Suggested songs: ARP118D “Now Open Wide the Gates” or TPH153 “O Day of Rest and Gladness”

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