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Saturday, July 13, 2019

2019.07.13 Hopewell @Home ▫ Genesis 14:17-24

Questions for Littles: Who went out to meet Abram in Genesis 14:17? After what did he go out to meet him? Who interrupts this meeting in Genesis 14:18? Of where (what) is he king (cf. Hebrews 7:2)? What does He bring Abram? What else is He, in addition to a king? What does He do to Abram (Genesis 14:19)? What does He call God? What does He say that God possess? Whom does He bless in Genesis 14:20? For what reason? What does Abram give to Melchizedek? Who finally speaks in Genesis 14:21? What does he offer? What does Abram say he has done in Genesis 14:22? In Genesis 14:23, what does he say that he has determined not to do? Why not? What does he accept to receive in Genesis 14:24, and for whom?
With the help of the book of Hebrews, we learn to be amazed at Melchizedek, whose name means “King of Righteousness.” He is also the king of Salem, which means “peace.” These are pretty amazing titles to find in a chapter that has been full of wickedness and war.

Hebrews teaches us to marvel at the fact that he appears out of thin air. So far in Genesis, everything has been about covenant lines—tracing the Seed through generations. But Melchizedek appears with no line whatsoever.

Then, we are also to marvel at the greatness of the man. It is the greater who blesses the lesser, and he is the one who blesses Abram. It is the greater who receives the tithe from the lesser, and Melchizedek receives the tithe from Abram.

So, here is a very great King, who is also Priest of God Most High. As Priest, he feeds Abram bread and wine in connection with a priestly blessing.

And, Melchizedek is also a Prophet. He appears as an interruption to the encounter with the king of Sodom. When we compare Melchizedek’s words in Genesis 14:19-20 to Abram’s words in Genesis 14:22-23, we recognize where it is that Abram has gotten these ideas.

This, ultimately, may be the most stunning display of Melchizedek’s greatness. So far, Yahweh Himself has been Abram’s theological instructor. Now, this Melchizedek who has appeared out of nowhere has that role which to this point has been reserved for Yahweh!

So, who is the King of Righteousness, the King of Peace—the Prophet, Priest, and King, who is greater than Abram, a Mediator between God and man, and a Prophet who speaks in the place of Yahweh? It is none other than Christ Himself. It is a reminder that as we read this section of Genesis, yes we are to appreciate Abram. But, we are to do so not on our knees before Abram, but alongside him, as together we worship the Lord Jesus Christ!
How is Christ your Prophet? How is Christ your Priest? How is Christ your King?
Suggested Songs: ARP110B “The Lord Has Spoken” or TPH280 “Wondrous King, All-Glorious”

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