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Read 1 Samuel 25

Questions from the Scripture text: Who died in 1 Samuel 25:1? Who lamented him? Who buried him? Where? Where did David go? What was the status of the man to whom 1 Samuel 25:2 introduces us? What was his name (1 Samuel 25:3)? Who was his wife, and what was she like? What was he like? Who heard that this man was doing what in 1 Samuel 25:4? Whom did he send (1 Samuel 25:5)? To greet Nabal as whose representatives? What were they specifically to say (1 Samuel 25:6)? What were they to point out about how this peace had come to Nabal (1 Samuel 25:7)? With whom could Nabal check out this story (1 Samuel 25:8)? What kind of a day was a sheep-shearing day? What are the young men to ask for? What do they do (1 Samuel 25:9)? What does Nabal’s response in 1 Samuel 25:10 suggest is his position on David’s trouble with Saul? What is his response to the request (1 Samuel 25:11)? What do David’s young men do (1 Samuel 25:12)? What instruction does David give to whom in response (1 Samuel 25:13)? How many went with him? How many stayed back? Whom did one of Nabal’s young men tell (1 Samuel 25:14)? What witness did he also give (1 Samuel 25:15-16, cf. 1 Samuel 25:8)? Why was action needed (1 Samuel 25:17a)? Why was it Abigail to whom they came for it (verse 17b)? What provision does she make (1 Samuel 25:18)? Whom does she send (1 Samuel 25:19)? Whom doesn’t she tell? Where does she meet him for cover (1 Samuel 25:20)? Why was David so troubled by lack of provision for him (1 Samuel 25:21)? What had he told himself (1 Samuel 25:22)? In what manner does Abigail meet him (1 Samuel 25:23)? Against whom does she ask him to count the offense (1 Samuel 25:24a)? What does she at first request (verse 24b)? How does she explain the first response that David had received (1 Samuel 25:25)? To Whom does she credit that vengeance has not yet been taken (1 Samuel 25:26a)? Upon whom does she assert that Yahweh will take His own vengeance, and whom does she curse to be like him (v26b)? What does she ask David to do in 1 Samuel 25:27? In 1 Samuel 25:28? What position does she take on David’s trouble with Saul (1 Samuel 25:29)? What does she remind David that Yahweh will do (1 Samuel 25:29-31)? What does she say David will have been glad to have done when Yahweh has finished keeping His promises? Whom does David bless for what in 1 Samuel 25:32? Whom does David bless for what in 1 Samuel 25:33? How does he agree with and follow Abigail’s thinking in 1 Samuel 25:34 (cf. 1 Samuel 25:26a)? What information does he add now? How does David respond to her requests (1 Samuel 25:35)? What does Abigail find Nabal doing when she returns (1 Samuel 25:36)? What does she tell him then? What has happened by morning (1 Samuel 25:37)? What does she tell him then? What happens to him at that point? What does Yahweh do to him ten days later (cf. 1 Samuel 25:26b)? Whom does David bless for what two things in 1 Samuel 25:39? What additional action does he take? Who delivers this proposal (1 Samuel 25:40)? With what manner/attitude does she reply in 1 Samuel 25:41? With what action does she respond in 1 Samuel 25:42? Whom else did he have as a wife at this point (1 Samuel 25:43)? Whom did he not have (1 Samuel 25:44)? Why not?

We would do well to do like David and have our attention correctly redirected by Abigail. 

Of course, David was right about what a fool (literally, 1 Samuel 25:25) Nabal was. God gives the rather decisive vote of agreement in 1 Samuel 25:38. But David almost committed against Nabal in chapter 25 (cf. 1 Samuel 25:261 Samuel 25:331 Samuel 25:39) the sin that he avoided committing against Saul in chapter 24. 

It was Abigail who reminded David that the Lord was caring for his needs and would avenge him so that David didn’t have to (and shouldn’t). Yes, David had faithfully protected Nabal’s men and flock, but ultimately it would be the Lord who repaid him/them, even if Nabal did not.

Dear Christian, seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and all that is needful—indeed, all that is beneficial—will be added unto you. Do not worry (as David might have done, with 600 mouths to feed in the wilderness), and do not indulge a desire to avenge yourself. Look to God to provide and to avenge!

But, don’t forget to look to God for the looking to God. Yes, in this chapter God gives David provision and vengeance. But the story of the passage is how God provided the wise intervention of Abigail to stir up David’s faith to look back to the Lord. As you and I read of this, and realize that we need to be mindful of depending upon our God, let us look to Him to keep giving us His Word and stirring up our faith by His Spirit.

About what are you tempted to worry? Against whom are you tempted to avenge yourself? How will God help avenge yourself? How will God help you not to?

Suggested songs: ARP46 “God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength” or TPH46A “God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength”

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